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2015 Is Safest Year Ever For Redi Services, LLC

2015 Is Safest Year Ever For Redi Services, LLC

Redi is most delighted to announce and share with all of its stakeholders the exciting news of our 2015 safety results.

Simply put, 2015 was our safest year ever.  One critial indicator of a company’s safety status is manifest in its OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR).  I am pleased to announce that for 2015 Redi posted a TRIR of 0.2!  By way of comparison, our 2014 TRIR was 1.09

This is an outstanding accomplishment for the firm.  This represents a stellar achievement for the firm due to the consistent and cogent focus by the Redi team on delivering a safe service product to our clients.  This is no small or easy feat.  We work in very challenging and adverse environments. I am deeply proud of the concerted efforts of our Redi employees in making 2015 a safe year for our firm.  Much more import than any rate or factor, I am pleased to report that our employees went home consistently at the end of the work shift unhurt!

One area of interest in reflecting on our safety accomplishment was the Holiday Safety Initiative.  In the fall of 2015 Redi undertook a proactive effort to enhance our safety culture and focus during a challenging time of the year.  The 4th quarter has historically been difficult time period in terms of experiencing an increase in OSHA recordable incidents.  Our 2015 Holiday Safety Initiative was undertaken with the focus of promoting an environment and incentives to have our employees increase their participation in completing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms, make presentations at safety meetings, and perform job safety performances.  Our employees responded in a most positive way, with the number of JSAs significantly increased (both quantity and quality) as well as a large number of our team members actually leading and directing the safety meetings during the quarter.  To enhance the excitement and increase the participation we held a drawing in early January 2016 to award various prizes associated with the Holiday Safety Initiative.  An employee was given a ticket for each quality JSA completed, and 10 tickets for conducting a safety meeting.  When the tickets for the three months was gathered and put into a drum, the following individuals were given the following awards:

Josh Petersen (NV)—55” Samsung Ultra HD Curved TV

Wanda McDonald (WY)—Yeti Cooler

Nate Burnam (NV)—Ipad Mini

Saul Urbina (CO) – Traeger Grill

Erin Osterling (WY) – Go Pro Camera

Giovanni Hernandez Arqueta - Craftsman Tool Set

Chris Tunstall – Chromebook

We believe that we have established a powerful momentum of a robust and active safety culture that will continue to serve Redi in a beneficial way.   Our goal is to drive this to a 0 TRIR in 2016.  I am thankful to our safety department and the high level of professionalism that these dedicated individuals expend in directing our safety efforts.  Finally I am most appreciative of the good men and women of Redi who make safety their top and consistent priority.

Jay Anderson


January 2016

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