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2016 Holiday Safety Initiative

2016 Holiday Safety Initiative

To our Friends of Redi:

Historically we have been challenged in maintaining a robust safety attitude and sensitivity in the fourth quarter of the year.  Perhaps it is due to the dramatic change in the weather and the onslaught of hazardous winter driving conditions.  Or perhaps it is due to the pressures that the holiday season brings upon our employees distracted by family planning in November and December.

As a means to be proactive Redi Services has made an effort to implement a companywide initiative to enhance our employee safety sensitivity during the final months of the year.   Specifically, we have rolled out our 2016 Holiday Safety Initiative which is intended to heighten and expand our Redi employee sensitivity to safety and ameliorating our safety culture.

The initiative encompasses the ability for our employees to obtain various prizes, which is split our by our various geographical divisions.  We wanted to spread out the potential of obtaining a reward for safety initiatives to a wide section of our employee base.   Employees can quality for these prizes by engaging in such activities as leading a safety program or presentation, performing job safety observations, and submitting what we at Redi calls a “good catch” (a near miss or suggestion of something potentially unsafe that needs attention to be fixed or modified).  These safety related actions are tabulated and an employee receives a “ticket” which is then placed into a “hat” where various prizes are drawn for out the “hat” by our major geographical divisions.

Our experience with this approach over the past few years was that we experienced a significant increase in our behavior based observations and the number of employee lead safety meetings.  We strive within the company to promote this program during the fourth quarter to keep the enthusiasm level up.  Our sense is that this is a beneficial proactive effort to promote and engender increased safety sensitivity during a potentially trying season of the year.

Attached is a flyer that describes the program in a bit more detail and outlines the prizes associated with the promotion.

Thank you for your kind interest in Redi.


Jay Anderson


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