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2016 Safety Accomplishment News Announcement

2016 Safety Accomplishment News Announcement

Redi Service, LLC (“Redi”) is extremely pleased and most delighted to announce that it achieved a significant 2016 safety accomplishment!

Specifically, with the data now in, Redi’s 2016 total recordable incident rate (“TRIR”) was an astounding 0.48!  Against a backdrop of over eight hundred thousand work hours, Redi was able to keep its TRIR at a sub 0.5 for the second year in a row!

This is a great day for Redi and all of the Redi team members who assisted in this impressive accomplishment.  With employees working in some of the most hazardous and challenging work environments – perhaps the most challenging is the public highways --  Redi was able to see its employees return home at the end of their shifts in the same condition as they started.  In 2015 Redi’s TRIR was an incredible 0.2.  It is one thing to have one year demonstrate safety excellence.  For this sort of accomplishment to continue for two years running indicates that Redi has been successful in fostering a robust safety culture.  Our huge thanks to our employees who deserve all the credit for making Redi a safety focused company.

Interestingly the two OSHA recordable incidents in 2016 are tough to know how to avoid.  One was a bee sting.  The employee was wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt that was buttoned at the wrists.  A bee somehow got in between the sleeve and bit the employee, necessitating some medication.  Our other 2016 recordable encompassed an employee driving on a state highway, traveling below the speed limit with the vehicle completely DOT compliant.  A driver was engaged with his cell phone on a side road, drove right through the stop sign on his road and crashed into the Redi employee.  Not only was the Redi employee wearing his seatbelt, but also was wearing his hard hat.

The huge beneficiaries of our 2016 accomplishment in the area of safety are our employees.   Now onto 2017.  Our goal: NO ONE GETS HURT IN 2017!

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