Who is Redi?

A comprehensive plant and facility maintenance, general construction, and services support company. A progressive, proactive, quality, and service-focused company. Driven to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. We serve both Open Shop and Union-affiliated companies in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and other states.

Redi's History
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Redi Services, LLC is an industrial service support company headquartered in Lyman, Wyoming. The company was established in 2005 with 70 employees through an asset purchase by Jay Anderson and Gary Condos.

Over the years the firm has grown to become the premiere service company in its industry.  While the firm has experienced significant growth, Redi has been successful in retaining its bedrock commitment to safety and the delivery of quality services.  

Though initially Redi was primarily focused on the oil and gas industry, the firm has significantly expanded its diversified business lines and services to a wider spectrum of markets.  This would include such industries as: gold mining support, power plants, phosphate operations support, pipeline support services, trona support services, coal mines, and other related industrial venues. Further, the firm has been highly successful in diversifying both geographically and in its clientele complement. 

Redi has expanded its operations and facilities well beyond Wyoming.  Redi has offices and shop locations in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Texas.  As the firm has evolved,  Redi’s service offerings have expanded to include controls and automation services, fire suppression, hydro excavation and fluid vacuum services, hydro blasting, facility turnaround support and coordination, waste management, trucking, pressure safety valve services, and much, much more.  Along the way Redi has developed the ability to provide mechanical and civil construction services that augment our ad hoc, ongoing maintenance service capabilities.  Our strong desire is to be a “one call – one stop” service provider. 

While we have expanded significantly over the years from 70 employees to nearly 500, our unchanging and diligent commitment to safety has not changed.  By any OSHA or MSHA standard, our safety record is among the best in the service industry.  Fostering a safety culture is an ongoing focus for the firm.  Redi places safety as its top operating priority, and lives up to this principle by the quality of the safety professionals that drives our safety programs and culture.  Safety is something we live, believe in and is a part of our very fabric.  Our safety results are a salient testimony to the focus and priority we place on safe operating practices, procedures, and training. 

We are a company committed to developing our employees and instilling an environment of career growth.  We seek to be the industry leader, providing a safe and quality service that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.  Redi has embraced a culture of positive change and continuous improvement.  We continue to be on the leading edge of service delivery.  Going well beyond being a “typical” service company, Redi offers a wide array of services customized for an industrial setting, such as: non distractive testing, cyber security controls and automation services, fiber optics services, PSV testing and repairs, and much more. 

The future is bright for our company.  Redi is well positioned with outstanding employees, committed to consistently delivering a safe and quality service product.  Our best days lie in our future!

Redi Services Turns 10

September 2015

On September 2nd of 2005 Redi Services, LLC ("Redi") commenced its exciting and uncharted future. Redi is now elated to announce that it has logged in ten years as a vibrant and progressive company. We wish to take a minute and thank the many wonderful individuals who have played a meaningful part of this epic journey. Further, we see this as an opportunity to look forward with enthusiasm and excitement as we enter our second decade.

From our beginnings in 2005 with 70 employees, Redi has progressed to a headcount of around 450 employees.

Initially Redi was focused and operating in the southwest Wyoming area. Various opportunities presented themselves over the years such that Redi expanded with offices and facilities into Colorado, then Nevada, then Utah, then Texas, then Idaho and now Kansas. Our complement of business lines has likewise expanded from our initial service offering in 2005 of insulation, painting and hydro excavation to a wide assortment today of industrial services: automation and controls; fire suppression; facility construction; pressure safety valve testing; waste management; well hookups and much more.

At this important milestone in our firm's development we are aware of the many positive and helpful events that have made Redi the service industry leader that it is. Clearly our relationships with our clients have been instrumental in our success and growth. We deeply appreciate the vote of confidence and trust that our clients have invested in us to provide safe and quality services. Our focus has been to deliver on our commitment to providing services that not only met but exceeded expectations. We gratefully acknowledge the key role played by our vendors and service providers. Redi has been fortunate in our ten years to have established a myriad of positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our venders. This has served Redi well and will be a source of strength in meeting market demands.

Finally, and most importantly, it has been the high quality and dedication of our employees over the years that has made the significant and salient difference for Redi. Our company has been fortunate to attract and retain a cadre of outstanding employees that have been the driver of Redi's successes. We extend our heartfelt and deep appreciation for the safety-dedicated men and women of Redi who have day in and day out made a difference for our clients and for our communities. The real assets of our company are not in our extensive complement of trucks, pumps, trailers, buildings and other balance sheet line items – but in the wonderful men and women who have consistently delivered a safe and quality service to our customers.

We are delighted to reflect momentarily on our past. We now focus on our future. Our best and brightest days are just ahead of us. Thank you all for participating with us as we continue our journey of excellence.

Jay Anderson Gary Condos


Redi is an industrial service and support company headquartered in Lyman, Wyoming. The company was established in 1982, providing excellence in safety and industrial service for our clients.

Through the years, Redi has added client value with expanded capacity and service lines.  Throughout our significant growth, Redi has been successful in retaining its bedrock commitment to safety and the delivery of quality in the services we offer.

Redi’s focus has been primarily on the industrial sector. Our core clients are found across Mining, Energy, (production and distribution – across all source spectrums), Heavy Manufacturing, Oil and Gas (up/mid/downstream), Industrial Agri-business, and more.  With the expansion of our services and clientele, so has come the expansion of our geographic presence. This has leveraged our growth, capitalizing on economies of scale in both technical skills and institutional knowledge – and that across industry sectors. That has a specific benefit to you – our prospective client partners. Reach out to us today!

Redi has operations and facilities in Wyoming, as well as locations in Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho.  Redi’s service offerings include hydro excavation and fluid vacuum services, hydro blasting, facility turnaround support and coordination, waste management, trucking, electrical, fiber optics, civil, mechanical construction, repair and service, specialty roustabout, and Nitrogen pumping services, in addition to turnkey plant operations and maintenance. Simply put, Redi seeks to consolidate the supply chain – it’s what we do and who we are.

We have expanded significantly since our inception. Yet our commitment to safety has not changed.  By  OSHA or MSHA standards, our safety record is among the best in the service industry.  Fostering a safety culture is an ongoing focus for Redi.  Redi has institutionalized safety as a core mission value and lives up to this tenant by the quality safety professionals and ops managers that drive our programs and culture.  Safety is something we live, believe in, and is a part of our Redi Way.

The Future & You:

Our collective global future is fraught with disruptions, challenges, and transforming economies. This is true across all the industries and clients we serve. Redi’s future for our company and clients is bright as we partner to create solutions that exceed each day’s demand.  Your business is our business – let’s win it together.


Clint Condos

Chief Executive Officer

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