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Avoiding Issues During Wyoming Winter Construction

Avoiding Issues During Wyoming Winter Construction

The need for various structures and projects doesn't simply go away during the winter, and while certain industrial or other construction jobs are purposefully left for warmer parts of the year, many others are still carried out across the cold season. There are often certain challenges present during winter construction projects that aren't standard during the rest of the year, and being prepared for these with any job you're looking into is vital.

At Redi, we're proud to offer the very best selection of industrial construction services in Wyoming and other nearby states, ensuring you're covered for all your possible needs at any time of the year. Our solutions range from site setup and excavation through every other possible need you may have, including HVAC, electrical, concrete, scaffolding, and a full set of tear-down and cleanup services as well. Here are a few of the key areas to be thinking about during winter construction projects that may differ from the rest of the year, plus how to avoid any issues here -- either on your own or with the help of our professionals however needed.

Cold Weather and Concrete

If your industrial construction project will involve large amounts of concrete, you will need to take some extra steps in order to keep this material at its best. Concrete is always prone to freezing at the edges and cracking over time, but it's especially so when the temperature drops too low for too long. At the same time, this is an issue that can be easily avoided with the right treatments and practices.

For instance, you will want to keep your concrete only just mixed when delivering it to the construction site, as well as making sure that any delivery vehicles themselves are not filled with more than they can hold in order to avoid spills. The temperature of your concrete also needs to be carefully monitored so that you'll always have the right consistency, and here you may want to consider getting in touch with a concrete professional who can assist you with this.

Mortar and Other Adhesive Concerns

Down related lines, there are some cases where certain adhesives, such as mortar, grout or other compounds, are used to secure materials in place. These can also be subject to freezing and thawing over time, especially if the exposed materials are porous or simply not tightly sealed.

To avoid this, there are a few things to consider. First, you may want to check that any adhesives you'll be using have been properly mixed and stored before use for best results. At the same time, you can also install good insulation on the materials to avoid this problem altogether in many cases.

Frozen Earth and Grading

Another possible challenge you may face during winter construction projects is that of a frozen earth base or grading. This can make it much more difficult to lay down newly poured concrete, particularly in areas where the ground is steep or uneven.

To avoid these issues, you will want to ensure that any graders used on the site are well-treated and appropriate for use in freezing conditions. You may also want to consider looking into heated graders as a possible solution here, particularly if the project you're working on is going to be time-sensitive or involves sensitive materials that need consistent temperatures and support.

If you're having repeated issues with frozen ground, you also may want to consider the soil material you're using and how it can best be treated for such conditions. This can range from the use of salt over time to more advanced frozen earth removal techniques as well, so do your research carefully here as needed.

Drywall Finishing

There are certain parts of the drywall finishing process that can be particularly problematic during the winter season. At the same time, this is such a massive part of industrial construction projects that it's something you cannot afford to ignore or overlook.

You will want to make sure that any drywall materials used on your site are well-treated when first delivered and then again once they've been installed in order to avoid any issues with moisture or ice buildup. This includes being careful about the temperature of the drywall surrounding your building, and frequently checking on it in order to make sure that nothing is causing issues for you here.

You may also want to consider hiring a professional drywall finishing team during winter projects as well if this seems like it could be a challenge. These contractors will have the right equipment to make sure any drywall materials are sealed and insulated in order to protect against freezing weather, which can save you time, money, and stress on your project overall.

Slippery Surfaces

One of the more well-known issues during winter construction projects can be that of slippery surfaces. While this is often an issue on any project, it can become particularly problematic if there's a significant amount of ice present at the same time as high volumes of traffic or large amounts of material being moved around.

You will want to make sure that all walkways are marked off and well-inspected for any potential hazards during winter construction. This can include taking other safety measures as needed, like making sure that temporary walkways are well-lighted or even heated if necessary in order to avoid any slip and fall accidents. This can be particularly important with workers who will be on the site 24/7, as they'll need consistent protection against potential safety issues.

For more on how to avoid any possible issues during a major winter industrial construction project, or for assistance with any of our project needs in Wyoming, speak to our team at Redi today.

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