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Chevron Safety Award

Chevron Safety Award

On May 2, 2012 Chevron held its annual contractor’s safety meeting.  At the meeting Redi was singled out and recognized for several significant safety efforts and initiatives undertaken on Chevron’s southwest Wyoming facilities.  Our Bryan Hamblin received a plaque that expressed Chevron’s appreciation for Bryan’s active participation in Chevron’s safety meetings at their Table Rock facility.  Specifically, Bryan has been asked by Chevron to provide safety insights and perspectives (what Chevron calls “sharings”).  The plaque reads, in part, “We appreciate your commitment to sharing at the monthly safety meetings so that we can work towards Incident Free Operations together.”  This is significant that Chevron would acknowledge a Redi employee participating in a Chevron safety meeting.

In addition to the award that Bryan Hamblin received, Redi was also given a plaque associated with the firm’s involvement in a stop work authorization experience.  Chevron has a policy of allowing contractors to stop work on their facility if it is deemed that work or environmental conditions warrant reevaluating work processes.  Redi’s insulation crew detected a small H2S leak on a pipe that they were insulating, due the crew’s usage of H2S monitors.  The Redi team properly shut down their work effort, evacuated the location and immediately contacted Chevron personnel, all pursuant to the Chevron chain of command and communications process.  This was one of several occasions where Redi has worked collaboratively with Chevron in how Redi’ evaluates and assesses the deployment of safe work practices.

In providing Redi the award, the area operations manager for Chevron stated that “Safety programs are written; but safety cultures are built.”  At Redi, we are striving to build a robust safety culture across the entire spectrum of the company.  The above recognition by Chevron is a salient example of how Redi is building our safety culture.

Show in the picture (l to r): Tammy Charette, Chevron Safety Specialist; Dave Mathews, Chevron Wyoming Operations Manager; Bryan Hamblin, Redi Safety Technician; Jay Anderson, Redi CFO; Lance Norris, Redi Safety Director; and Mark Marri, Chevron Wyoming Safety Coordinator.

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