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Electrical Concepts for Different Construction Phases

Electrical Concepts for Different Construction Phases

There are a few kinds of needs or services that will often be in play throughout the various stages of an industrial construction project, and one great example here is electrical solutions. Electrical considerations are often part of nearly every stage of a given project, and knowing when and how they should be applied is very helpful for project managers and other workers alike.

At Redi, we're happy to offer high-quality electrical services for any industrial construction project around Wyoming, Colorado or Nevada, featuring both union and non-union electricians to assist with any job. Here are some of the main phases of project construction, plus some of the key electrical considerations to keep in mind within each of them.

Wet Phase

During the "wet" phase of construction, the primary area being attended to is the foundation of the project project. Concrete is being poured, and any main infrastructure is also handled during this time.

From an electrical standpoint, the first big concept here is ensuring that the team providing things like plumbing and drains for the property has proper electrical conduits with which to work. This helps to ensure the proper electrical code is being followed, and also cuts down on potential problems in the future.

In addition, this early phase is a great time to begin discussing timelines and expectations for when key areas of the electrical work may need to be completed. It's also a good time to begin thinking about code compliance, and set any initial benchmarks for safety.

Rough-In Phase

When you hear about the rough-in phase, what's being referred to is one where all doors, flooring, windows and other structural features have been added, but the actual finishing touches are yet to come. Basically, the structural baseline of the project is in place by this time.

From an electrical standpoint, now is when all the wiring has to be connected up and tested for various internal needs. Wiring for things like fans, lights, soffits, plug ports, and so on will all be handled during this phase of the project. In addition, any various circuits for installation needs should also be set up at this point.

On top of this, the electrical box will be connected to the main power linkage, and any proper grounding requirements will be handled. It's also a good idea to begin thinking about any security systems that may need to be brought online in order to comply with local regulations.

Post-Sheetrock Installation

After drywall and sheetrock (or a similar material) has been fully installed, the primary theme from an electrical standpoint is the setup of various switches and controls. Lights, fans and other utilities should all be connected up at this point, with any necessary codes being kept in mind. Additionally, wiring for cable lines and phone lines should also be handled here.

At this stage of the project, it's also important to ensure that any energy-efficient features are properly implemented throughout the property. This includes things like motion sensors, LED lighting and timers as needed.

Any fire pumps or alarms that need to be put in place should also be tended to here, plus any other necessary installations that may come up. After all this has been completed and double-checked, the project can move on to the next stage.

The Finish

As the project gets closer to finishing, it's important to check on a few areas to ensure electrical infrastructure is in place:

  • Phone setups: Many commercial properties need to have a certain level of phone connections throughout, so it's important to double-check that all phone lines are adequately connected and ready for use.
  • Cable configurations: Any cables from the main service point should be properly linked up between the walls and the television or other outlets in the building.
  • HVAC: In addition to all the other electrical items, it's also important to remember that any HVAC systems may need wiring in order for them to function properly.
  • Switches and outlets: Any remaining switches and outlets should be tested to ensure they are functioning as needed.

When these items have been properly installed, the project can move on to the next stage of construction!

Modifications and Warranty Factors

Finally, it's important to consider how any modifications or upgrades to the property will affect the electrical system. All changes should be double-checked and tested before being put into use in order to ensure they are properly functioning and compliant with existing regulations. Additionally, it's a good idea to look into warranty factors for various items that may need replacing over time due to wear and tear.

When all these considerations have been made, the electrical portion of an industrial construction project can be deemed complete!

Overall, electrical solutions are a crucial part of any industrial construction project. By keeping in mind different phases of the projects, understanding code compliance and remaining aware of any relevant warranties or modifications that need to be taken into account, project managers and other workers can ensure that electrical solutions are properly handled from start to finish!

At Redi, we understand the importance of electrical solutions in construction projects, and we're proud to offer our expertise to help ensure successful completion of your project. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with this or any other industrial construction need in Wyoming, Nevada or Colorado.

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