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Heavy Haul Equipment That's Ideal for Winter

Heavy Haul Equipment That's Ideal for Winter

There are certain areas of the industrial construction world that require some specific changes or attention as the weather changes, and a great example here is heavy haul trucking. No matter which use you require heavy haul trucking solutions for, winter weather and temperatures often require some special considerations - and there are a number of equipment options to fill these needs.

At Redi, we're here to help with a huge range of industrial construction services for clients around Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, including comprehensive heavy haul trucking solutions for any need you may have. We stock the latest in modern equipment, including many products that are ideal for winter hauling needs. Here are some of the key factors that make winter readiness so important in heavy haul trucking, plus some of the top examples of modern equipment or innovations that are helpful here.

Why Winter Readiness is Vital for Heavy Haul Trucking

Firstly, there are a few key reasons why winter readiness is vital for heavy haul trucking efforts. The most obvious here is safety - hauling materials or equipment in icy, snowy conditions simply presents more danger to drivers and others on the roads. This means not only having top-notch equipment that can handle these conditions without issue, but also proper training for all operators on how to handle them safely.

In addition, winter weather can often cause delays in trucking or other transportation markets. This is particularly true for heavy haul, which may be more susceptible to these issues than standard transport thanks to the size and weight of the loads being moved. Being prepared for potential weather-related delays with proper equipment and planning is essential to keeping projects on schedule and avoiding costly setbacks.

Our next several sections will go over some top examples of quality winter readiness products for heavy haul trucking, many of which we utilize regularly at Redi.

De-Icing and Anti-Icing Systems

Because ice is a common issue during winter hauling, many modern heavy haul trucks will come with de-icing or anti-icing systems that help ensure ice does not build up on key areas of the vehicle. For example, these systems may include heated mirrors or windows, as well as specially-coated materials in key areas to prevent ice from forming and obscuring visibility.

The difference between de-icing and anti-icing systems is simple: De-icing is meant to melt ice after it has formed, while anti-icing proactively prevents its formation in the first place.

Modern Tire Technology

Tires are another vital area for heavy haul trucking during the winter months, and modern advancements here have been significant. For example, many commercial-grade tires now come with special rubber compounds that are more resistant to cold temperatures and can provide better traction in icy conditions. In addition, there are also a variety of tire chain options available for extremely harsh weather or terrain conditions.

As you're considering tire options, remember to factor in not just the initial cost, but also their longevity and durability - which may be different between winter tires and standard ones.

Heated Mirrors, Seats and Systems

The concept of heating various areas of a car, truck or other vehicle may seem foreign to some readers, but it's a major part of modern winter readiness. For heavy haul trucking specifically, heated mirrors and seats can be crucial for maintaining visibility and comfort during colder weather.

In addition, many modern trucks come with heating systems that are built into the cab itself - these are essential for drivers who will be traveling across cold areas. They may include battery warmers, oil pan heaters, and other options that keep the vehicle functioning properly even in frigid temperatures.

GPS and Weather Tracking

From a strategic planning standpoint, modern GPS and weather tracking systems are major assets for heavy haul trucking during the winter. These allow drivers to easily plot routes around potential weather issues or delays, plus track real-time changes in weather patterns so they can adjust their plans accordingly.

Communication Devices

Down related lines, communication devices like two-way radios or even satellite phones are crucial for heavy haul trucking in winter. These allow drivers to stay in touch with dispatchers and others they may need to talk to during transport, which can be especially important if any issues arise due to weather or other factors.

Overall, there are many different types of equipment that can help make heavy haul trucking safer and more efficient during winter months. For more on how we at Redi approach this and other areas of industrial construction, speak to one of our team members today. We'll be happy to provide you with any information you need or schedule an appointment for a free consultation, whether you're in Wyoming, Colorado or Nevada.

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