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How Metal Buildings Resist Pest Infestations

How Metal Buildings Resist Pest Infestations

There are several major advantages that come with using metal as a building material for varying structures, and one of these is protection from various elements and risks. One such risk that many building owners care about is pests - and this is definitely a key area where metal buildings hold major advantages over many other types.

At Redi, we're happy to assist with metal building construction and numerous other industrial construction services for clients around Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. Here are some of the basics on how metal structures resist pest infestations, and why they're considered some of the best options if this is a top priority for any client.

Too Strong for Large Pest Entry

When it comes to larger pests, such as rodents, squirrels, birds, raccoons and so on, the strength of metal makes it a formidable barrier. Metal is much tougher to chew through, making it harder for larger pests to find a way into the building. Additionally, as an extra layer of defense, metal buildings are also often used with appropriate door seals that prevent even more of these large animals from entering.

For these kinds of pests, this means their primary method of entering is blocked, thus reducing the risk of an infestation.

Small Pests Sealed Out Too

Metal isn't just effective against bigger pests but smaller ones as well, such as insects and spiders. For these, metal works in a slightly different way - rather than being too strong for them to penetrate, it instead acts as a seal that stops them from getting in. This is because metal structures can be sealed tightly, which means even the tiniest of pests won't find a way inside.

At Redi, we have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to all aspects of metal building construction - so if you need an effective pest protection solution for your project, get in touch today!

Fully Termite-Proof

One of the top pests some people naturally worry about in their property is termites. These can cause a lot of damage and are notoriously difficult to get rid of if they do manage to invade a building. The good news is, metal buildings provide excellent protection against these pests too - due to their inability to penetrate the steel, termite infestations aren't generally an issue with this type of structure.

For instance, our team at Redi constructs buildings with steel that's rust-proof, rot-proof and termite-proof - giving clients total peace of mind when it comes to pest control.

Less Frequent Leak Issues

One common source of pest infestations is leaky buildings, as this can provide a source of food and water that draws them in. Metal buildings are much less prone to these issues arising, which makes them an even better solution for pest prevention - especially when you factor in the additional seals used to prevent larger entry points from opening up.

Compared to other materials, metal buildings are far more resistant to leaks and provide a much better solution for pest control.

Easy to Seal Doors and Windows

Down related lines, metal buildings also provide extra advantages when it comes to sealing up windows and doors - as there's much less risk of warping or shrinking over time. This makes them a great option for clients who want an additional layer of protection against pests, as adding seals to the doorways is an easy process and will ensure that no unwanted visitors can get in.

Pest Prevention Tips for Metal Buildings

While metal structures themselves offer more than most materials when it comes to pest prevention, this doesn't mean building owners or occupants have no role to play. Here are some additional tips for maintaining pest prevention within any metal building:

  • Avoid leaving food or paper scraps: This is a key rule for any building, but in metal buildings it's especially important to ensure that no food scraps or other waste materials are left laying around - as this can easily attract pest problems.
  • Maintain the structure: Any building needs upkeep and maintenance to stay in top condition, and metal structures are no different. Make sure to check on the structure's condition regularly and make any necessary repairs immediately to prevent any pest infestations.
  • Reduce humidity: Because metal can be prone to condensation and dampness, it's important to make sure that the structure is well ventilated to reduce humidity levels.
  • Seal windows and doors: As mentioned above, sealing windows and doors can make a huge difference when it comes to pest prevention. Make sure to check these areas regularly for any signs of damage or wear, and reapply the seals if necessary.

At Redi, we understand how important pest prevention is for metal buildings - so contact our team today to discuss your property's needs here. We're also available to discuss any of our industrial construction services for clients in Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada! We're standing by to take your call.

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