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HVAC and Mechanical Service Line

HVAC and Mechanical Service Line

Redi Services, LLC (Redi) HVAC and Mechanical Services developments:

Redi has a long established record of performance, serving the HVAC and mechanical needs of its industrial and commercial clients. Recognized for their track record in safety;  Redi ‘s  HVAC team is in the field daily maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and installing HVAC and mechanical systems - serving the most critical infrastructure in their client portfolio. With the expansion earlier in the month of the Automation and Controls group, and the demonstrated proficiency of their Electrical Services division, Redi Services LLC is able to offer comprehensive “systems focused solutions” to the most difficult challenges facing their clients. Redi has on staff, technical experts in HVAC and mechanical maintenance, skilled installers, startup commissioners, and key support personnel to assist in both outsourced or overflow requirements.

Approach: Redi HVAC and Mechanical Services is equipped to providepreventative and predictive maintenance solutions. Redi is staffed and can assist you in any asset assessment and system/equipment life cycle assessment/ management need. Redi realizes that their clients increasingly face global competitive pressures in their markets, and therefore take an aggressive approach toward supplying the highest quality, best value, solutions to their clients. Committed to these goals, Redi’s HVAC team has a new member.

Jim Adrianos has joined the team in July. Jim began his career in the HVAC service industry in 1984. His career has been dominated by service sector experience where he has gained experience in systems maintenance, integration, and performance.  In recent years, Jim has managed high containment biological research facilities, giving him “the client perspective” and key insight to the challenges of increased regulation pressures, productivity constraints, and life cycle/cost -benefit asset management.   Jim says, “I’ve worn the shoes, and had to walk in them. It’s changed the approach to the service I provide. It’s changed the message I demonstrate to those in my charge.”

Kyle Condos manages the Redi Electrical and HVAC team

Please feel free to contract Kyle either by phone: 307.787.6333 or by

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