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Keeping Metal Buildings Cool During Summer

Keeping Metal Buildings Cool During Summer

There are a few temperature-related considerations that may need to be in place for industrial construction projects during various seasons, and a good example here is any metal building construction taking place in summer. Whether during the construction itself or for future cooling needs of any kind, ensuring that metal buildings stay cool despite some metal's heat-absorbing properties is important.

At Redi, metal building construction is one of numerous industrial construction services we're here to offer to clients around Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming - all places that can get pretty hot during the warmest parts of the year. Here are some of the methods used to help keep metal buildings cool in summer periods, both during construction itself and in the future.

Metal and Heat Risks During Construction

Firstly, let's look at some of the reasons why keeping metal surfaces cool during metal building construction is important, and the risks present if this is not considered:

  • Surface burn risks: Naturally, one of the biggest risks here is that of workers touching hot metal surfaces and burning themselves. This can be dangerous, so it's important for the project manager to make sure all potential risks are minimized by cooling temperatures where possible.
  • Structural integrity: If metal structures become too hot, they are at risk of expanding or contracting, which can affect the overall structural integrity of the building. It's important to make sure temperatures are kept cool for this reason.
  • Future cooling needs: Another consideration is that of future cooling needs, if the metal structure will be used for air conditioning or other purposes in the future. Keeping temperatures cool now can ensure that any future cooling systems will be able to cope and not be overburdened.

There are a few different methods that can be employed to help keep metal buildings cool during construction in summer, which we'll go over in our upcoming sections.

Use of Awnings or Overhangs

Particularly on construction sites where direct sunlight is a problem, the use of overhangs or awnings can be useful in blocking out the sun and preventing metal surfaces from becoming too hot. This is also useful when it comes to protecting workers - it's important to remember that heat exhaustion and other risks are made much worse by direct sunlight.

As you're building a temporary structure, you may also want to consider using reflective paints on certain areas of the metal building - this can help to deflect heat away from surface areas.

Use of Insulation

Insulation is valuable in metal buildings for several reasons, including the ability to keep cool air in and hot air out. During metal building construction, this means that materials can be used to insulate and protect metal walls from direct sun exposure, which can greatly reduce temperatures inside the building and make it easier for workers to work comfortably.

Furthermore, insulation is vital for long-term cooling needs too, as it can help to keep temperatures controlled and consistent within a building, allowing any cooling systems to be used more efficiently. Without insulation, many metal buildings can become too hot in summer and become uncomfortable to stay in.

Use of Light-Colored Coating

Another method used to keep metal buildings cool is the use of light-colored coatings, such as paints or roofing materials. As lighter colors tend to reflect more sunlight than darker colors, this means that metal surfaces coated in these materials will remain cooler than those coated in darker colors.

This can help to reduce surface burn risks, as well as helping to keep metal structures cool during construction and for future cooling needs.


One approach that's mostly valuable for future metal building cooling needs is that of sealing. Sealing any cracks or gaps inside a metal structure can help to keep cool air in and hot air out, thus reducing the temperatures within the building and helping any cooling systems work more efficiently.

During construction, sealing should be monitored and checked for any potential issues, as this can help to ensure that the structure is air-tight and ready for cooling systems in the future.

Proper Ventilation

Down related lines, proper ventilation is also important during metal building construction, as this allows cooler air to flow through the structure and can help to reduce any hot air build-up. This can be especially useful in summer months when temperatures are higher than usual, allowing for a more comfortable working environment and helping to keep metal surfaces cool.

Overall, these methods can be used to help keep metal buildings cool during construction in summer, as well as for future cooling needs. Planning for these considerations can be especially important when it comes to industrial construction projects like metal building construction, and should not be overlooked.

At Redi, we take these considerations very seriously and can ensure that any metal buildings we construct are finished to the highest standards, with all of the right precautions in place. Contact us today to learn more about our construction services around Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.

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