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Key Components of a Metal Building

Key Components of a Metal Building

Combining different components to reach a final product is one of the most common general processes in the industrial construction industry, and a great example here is the erection of any sort of metal building. There are several key components that go into a successful metal building construction, and understanding them is important for clients and contractors alike.

At Redi, we're here to offer an extensive range of industrial construction solutions for client needs around Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming, including metal building mechanical, piping and other construction needs. While the precise parts and specific products used for a given metal building will always vary based on specific needs, here are the broad components that typically go into a metal building when it's being built.

Structural Components

Some of the most important parts of any metal building are its structural components. These are the foundational elements of any building, and can include any of the following:

  • General shapes: Metal buildings often feature specific shapes, such as square or rectangle, that are integral to their design. These can include frames and beams.
  • Roof systems: Roofs for metal buildings may be flat or have a pitch to them, and the exact materials used here will vary based on the building requirements.
  • Wall systems: The walls of a metal building are typically made up of panels or plates, but can also include things like windows or doors.
  • Framing and fasteners: These elements help keep the building's structural components together. The most common framing materials used are beams, channels, angles, tees and zees.
  • Angles: In metal building construction, these are L-shaped pieces that help reinforce corners and form structural elements.
  • Welds: These refer to the specific process of bonding structural components together into a single cohesive unit.
  • Roof huggers: Another type of structural component, these are typically used to retrofit traditional roofs onto metal buildings.

Trim and Details

Once you move beyond the main structural components of a metal building, you'll also find other important details that help finish off the job. These include things like trim pieces and other finishing materials that add both aesthetic and functional value to the building. Some examples include:

  • Concealed or exposed fastener options: In some cases, you might want to use exposed fasteners as part of your metal building's aesthetic. In others, these should be concealed for a cleaner look. Both these options are available to clients, plus in options like valley trim, eave trim, rake trim and more.
  • Flashing: These pieces are often used to protect a metal building's joints, adding both durability and architectural design value to the structure.
  • Gutter systems: Finally, gutter systems are important for directing water runoff away from the building. Many metal buildings feature gutters that mimic the overall aesthetic of the rest of the structure.
  • Soffits and cleats: These elements are designed to protect the underside of a building's overhangs.


Finally, there are a number of metal panel accessories that will play a role in both functionality and aesthetics for a metal building. These include:

  • Standing seam roof accessories: Standing seam is a popular metal building roofing option, and there are several different accessories available for it. These include clips, brackets and other pieces.
  • Panel accessories: From fasteners to clips and beyond, panel accessories are essential for keeping the building's exterior panels in place.
  • Interior liner systems: These elements help protect the interior walls of a metal building from scratches and other damage. They can also add aesthetic value to the space.
  • Bolts and washers: These basic components are essential for keeping various metal building parts together. They come in various sizes and materials, depending on the specific need.
  • Closure strips: Finally, closure strips are important for sealing up gaps between metal panels and other elements of the building. They prevent water and air from getting inside, helping to maintain the overall structural integrity of the building.
  • Insulation: For many metal buildings, insulation will be an important consideration. This helps regulate the building's temperature and can also provide important soundproofing benefits.
  • Doors and windows: Finally, don't forget about the doors and windows of a metal building. These can add both functionality and design to the structure, so they should be chosen carefully.

Overall, understanding these components is crucial for anyone involved in industrial construction projects that involve metal buildings. By knowing what goes into a successful metal building construction, clients can make informed decisions about their needs and contractors can ensure high-quality work that meets all necessary standards.

If you're in need of metal building construction services, contact Redi today for a consultation and to learn more about our comprehensive solutions. With our expertise and experience, we can help bring your vision to life with a safe, durable and functional metal building. We provide services to clients around Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada - reach out at your nearest convenience to learn more.

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