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Redi Services is proud to provide industrial construction and facility maintenance services throughout Montana, bringing clients the tools they need to succeed in their projects. From dry ice blasting and hydro excavation, to painting and coatings and more, we've built a reputation as the best in the business for decades.
We've assisted clients throughout the state in a variety of jobs, from the Flathead Valley to Fort Benton, Great Falls to Helena and everywhere in between. Each client has specific needs and goals, which we address through our broad array of specialized services.


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Industrial Construction Services

We're proud to offer the following industrial construction services to our Montana clients:

  • Civil services: We provide a range of operations and labor for civil services, including creating or widening access roads, site survey and layouts, concrete repair, and erosion control. We have the experience and resources to perform civil projects like grouting or excavation, which are often taken for granted but essential to a well-run construction site.
  • Pressure testing: Often a necessary step before the installation of storage tanks or vessels, pressure testing ensures these structures meet industry standards and are capable of withstanding potentially damaging pressures. Our nitrogen pumps and other testing formats provide our clients with the confidence that their assets are safe and ready for use.
  • Steel building erection: Redi Services is one of the few companies that serves Montana in steel building erection services. Our many years of experience will help to get your new structure up and running as quickly as possible.

Dry Ice Blasting Solutions

Industrial sites need their equipment to work properly at all times, which can't happen if items are dirty and dealing with large buildups of grime. So, we offer dry ice blasting to clients throughout Montana, to clean equipment and structures quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

Dry ice blasting involves the use of tiny pellets of dry ice that are projected at high speeds onto a surface. These pellets quickly remove any buildups of dirt, grease, or other debris, without the any harsh or dangerous chemicals. And because the dry ice is in solid form, it won't cause damage to the items being cleaned, unlike solvents.
Dry ice blasting is faster and more efficient than other forms of cleaning and does not require disassembly of the equipment being cleaned. This makes it the perfect choice for industrial clients who need to clean quickly, without causing any damage.
In addition, it does not create hazardous waste and requires no water reclamation, making it more environmentally friendly than other forms of cleaning. Plus, there is no need for coveralls or respirators, so it's incredibly safe and easy to conduct dry ice blasting anywhere in Montana. Finally, you won't have to move or alter your equipment at all for it to be cleaned in this manner.

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Shut-Down Services

Does your Montana organization have a shut-down or turn-around coming soon? If so, Redi Services is here to help. We have extensive experience in shut-down services and will work with your team to make sure the process goes as smoothly. We offer everything from scaffolding and insulation to mechanical and electrical services, so no matter what you have coming up, we can help.
Our shut-down services are offered to numerous different industries, from mining and gas production to refineries, food processing, and more. We have the experience and resources to help with large or small scale shut-downs and will collaborate on a plan that meets your specific needs.
We understand that a shut-down can be a hectic time, so we're here to take the burden off your shoulders. Our crews will arrive on-site before the shut-down begins and will work hard to create a smooth transition from normal operations to shut-down. We will even help with maintenance during your shut-down, so your equipment is in top condition when production resumes.

Hydro-Blasting and Industrial Cleaning

In addition to our dry ice blasting solutions for cleaning equipment, we offer hydro-blasting solutions for cleaning a wide range of items. Hydro-blasting involves the use of high-pressure water and cleaning solutions to blast away dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants from equipment and structures.
Our hydro-blasting services are used to clean draglines, tanks and vessels, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, and more. Hydro-blasting is fast and efficient, so it's an easy way to clean equipment right before a turn-around or shut-down. It does not require disassembly of the assets being cleaned, so there's no damage done during the cleaning process.
It also avoids harmful dust or air changes, meaning no masks or supplied air tanks are required for workers. Our team’s goal is to create an efficient and safe hydro-blasting plan that meets your specific needs.
For more on our industrial and construction services in the great state of Montana, contact the team at Redi Services today.

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