Industrial Construction and Cleanup Services in Oregon

At Redi Services, we're proud to serve as Oregon's top provider of various industrial construction, cleanup, and related services. Your business requires professional services in order to facilitate your operational needs, and you can count on Redi Services for construction solutions that are well tailored to the profile of your business.
We have over seventy years of collective experience across our teams. So, when it comes to construction, cleanup or any other industrial services, we offer the best solutions in the field. We've cultivated long standing relationships with clients in many industries, and when you need industrial services like construction or excavation, our expertise makes us the go-to partner.
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Wide-Ranging Industrial Construction Services

We offer our clients a wide range of industrial construction services. We have the expertise, crews, and equipment to complete your civil or construction project.

Here are some of the industrial construction services we offer our clients:

  • Access road setup and widening: By creating roads that lead into and around the job site, our crews and equipment can easily access the site to avoid delays. We will also widen existing roads to ensure we work with maximum efficiency.
  • Site survey and lay-out: Before kicking-off a project, it is important that we first survey the site and lay out the location in order to map out exactly what needs to be done. We'll use that plan as a point of reference throughout the duration of the project, so you know your construction services are on track with regular check-ins.
  • Rough and final grading: Grading is an important part of any construction project, and whether it's the final grading phase or a rough grading phase, we work to deliver top results that are tailored to your specifications. We start with grading the land you will use for your building project before beginning with excavations for your foundation.
  • Excavation services: Whether you are starting with the foundation of your building or working on other areas where you need to remove material, Redi Services has the expertise to deliver results that are sure to exceed your expectations. We offer free computerized estimates for all excavation services so you will know exactly how much it will take to complete this part of your project.
  • Foundations: We have worked on a range of different foundation projects, from large tank foundations to smaller warehouses. In short, we're able to deliver results tailored exactly to your needs as a client to fit the profile of your building project. As part of this service, we offer free computerized estimates so that you can know exactly how much it will cost to complete this part of your project.
  • Grouting: We offer a variety of grouting services, including epoxy grout, urethane grout and more. These are used with concrete to fill smaller cracks left behind during the construction process or after the construction process is complete.
  • Underground utilities: Most construction projects rely on underground utilities in order to function. At Redi Services, we make sure these are installed with expertise and care so that we achieve the results you need without any disruptions. We also work closely with local and state agencies to make sure your utilities meet all requirements and regulations, as well as pass inspections when necessary.

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Mechanical, Piping and Metal Building Construction

We also offer Oregon clients access to our comprehensive metal building construction services. From commercial to industrial projects, we'll work with you to ensure that all your needs are met and no detail falls through the cracks during the construction process.

In addition, we offer a variety of other mechanical piping construction services from steel water tanks to oilfield piping for both rural and urban clients throughout Atlantic Oregon. From soil excavation, foundation laying and finishing, services like insulation and painting and coatings, and more, we'll ensure that your construction is finished with expertise and attention to detail.

Site Shut-Down Work

When your facility has a shut-down or turn-around, our expert crews will help finish the job with ease. Our in-house team of electricians, welders, inspectors, superintendents, and EPA certified technicians will complete the project while meeting all legal, permit and safety requirements.

Hydro-Blasting and Industrial Cleaning

Many of our clients require detailed cleaning services that only a professional company with access to the necessary equipment can deliver. We're happy to offer hydro-blasting services for both commercial and industrial clients throughout Oregon, ensuring that all your concerns are met within the parameters of state and federal regulations. We also offer other forms of cleaning as necessary, allowing you to rest easy while we ensure all your needs are met.
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