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Texas Facilities Maintenance & Industrial Construction Support

Texas Facilities Maintenance & Industrial Construction Support

Redi Services is the preferred provider of facilities maintenance and industrial construction support services in Texas.

We provide a full range of services for customers in the oil and gas industry. We also service customers in sectors that include power generation, gold mining, phosphate operations, trona mining, coal mining and more. Some of our service highlights include fluid vacuum and hydro excavation, industrial insulation and industrial coatings. We also provide a full range of construction rentals, including roll off dumpster rentals, porta potty rentals and industrial scaffolding.

Our comprehensive facilities management services include all types of repair and maintenance, turnaround services, pressure safety value service, and mechanical and civil construction support.

We have become an industry leader, thanks to our commitment to the highest levels of safety and excellence. And, although we have grown substantially over the past two decades, we have never compromised on the highly personalized level of service we became known for.









Hydrovac Services in Texas

In Texas, hydro excavation from Redi Services provide a practical and affordable alternative to traditional excavation services.  

This technique uses pressurized water to break up the soil and turn it into a slurry. Then, using a specialized hydrovac truck, the operator removes the soil slurry from the desired area, placing it in the truck’s tank.

Our state-of-the-art equipment provides precise results with minimal disturbance of the surrounding area. Hydrovac is both safer and more environmentally friendly than other approaches. This approach is also faster than traditional digging methods and less prone to causing construction accidents or injuries.

We can access locations that cannot be reached with a backhoe, auger, bulldozer or other machinery. Call on us when you need to excavate areas with underground utilities or piping, or when you need slot trenching up to 30’. We can also provide cleanout for tanks, sump drains, box culverts, pipelines and more.

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Texas Industrial Insulation Services

Redi Services is the go-to expert for industrial insulation in Texas. We offer a full range of insulation services, both rigid and soft pack, customized to meet your needs and specifications.

Insulation plays a crucial role in almost every industrial setting, protecting pipes and equipment from heat, cold and environmental contaminants.

Pipe insulation not only provides thermal protection, but it also protects pipes, connections and joints from leaks, corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear. We fabricate pipe sleeves in our own facility, to ensure customized fit. You will save energy and money while extending the life of your piping.

We also install blanket and roll insulation, with protection up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal for power and petrochemical plants, power generation equipment, industrial process piping, ovens, turbines, incinerators and solar collectors. Contact us also for all of your acoustic insulation needs. Thermal insulation material options include fiberglass, ceramic, bonded, wool and elastomeric.

We take the time to evaluate your needs, including the specific application in question, the surrounding environment, temperature requirements, moisture exposure, wind load, etc. This lets us recommend the best materials and application methods to achieve your goals and meet your budget.

Texas Roll Off Dumpster Rental, Portable Toilets & Industrial Scaffolding

In Texas, contact Redi Services for all of your roll off dumpster rentals and waste management needs.

We deliver dumpsters to your location for one-time disposal, long-term rental or anything in between. We have multiple sizes and types of rental dumpsters, ranging from small (10-yard) to large (40-yard) sizes. Our experienced delivery drivers can deliver and place your roll off container virtually anywhere you need it. In fact, we serve remote locations and hard-to-reach sites where other Texas dumpster rental companies won’t go.

If you need portable toilet rentals in Texas, we can also assist you with those services. We have all types of porta potties for rent, from standard units to specialty rentals, including towable porta potties and handicap porta potties. We also have handwashing stations.

You can rent a single unit for a special occasion – such as a party or large gathering – or you can rent multiple units for as long as you need them. We provide Texas port potty rentals for construction projects, industrial facilities and sites, roadway projects, concerts, festivals, parks – or wherever your needs might require.

Contact Redi Services for all your Texas industrial scaffolding rental needs. We offer both suspended scaffold and supported scaffold systems of all sizes and scopes. We deliver and set up your scaffolding and, once your project is done, we will disassemble and remove everything. We have extensive experience and an impeccable safety record and our transparent, affordable pricing structure will ensure your project’s success.

Trust Redi Services for all of your facility management and maintenance needs as well as any type of industrial construction support services. We have extensive experience and a reputation for excellence. We provide services to both union-affiliated and open shop customers in Midland and throughout the state of Texas.

Our in-house crews are all highly trained and experienced. Every member of our team has received extensive safety training. In fact, we offer safety training for our team members that complies with OSHA, H2S, Safeland, MSHA, HAZWOPER and a variety of trade-specific agencies.

Every one of our services is designed to be flexible and scalable, which means that we can assist you no matter how small or how large your project might be. We are literally a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial support services, rentals and equipment needs.

Contact us now to learn more about our company or to request a personalized cost estimate for any of your Texas industrial support, construction rentals, hydrovac or industrial insulation needs.

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