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Major Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation Systems

Major Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation Systems

The use of powerful water systems has proven effective in several major areas of industrial construction and related needs, and one great example here is within what is known as hydrovac, or hydro excavation. Hydrovac excavation systems utilize powerful water and vacuum systems to excavate a given area, and are not only effective and efficient, but also beneficial to several other areas of a given construction site or job.

At Redi, we're proud to offer a huge range of industrial construction solutions to clients around Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, including hydrovac services plus other water-powered solutions like hydroblasting and more. What exactly is hydrovac excavation, and what are some of the key reasons why it's so beneficial and widely-used in today's industrial construction world? Let's dive in.

How Hydrovac Excavation Works

For those who are just learning about hydrovac excavation, we'll quickly go over the basics of how it works. Essentially, a large water tank and vacuum system are mounted onto a truck or trailer, and high-pressure water is used to create a slurry that can break up and remove soil, dirt and other materials. This material is then suctioned into the vacuum system for easy disposal.

This combination of water to break up the material and vacuum to remove it makes hydrovac excavation extremely efficient compared to traditional digging methods. It also allows for more precision, as the water can be directed exactly where needed and does not damage any surrounding structures or utilities.

So, why is hydrovac excavation such a popular choice in industrial construction? Here are some of the key reasons across our next several sections.


Safety is paramount in any construction project, and hydrovac excavation offers several safety benefits. First and foremost, it keeps workers out of potentially hazardous trenches or holes that could collapse. It also minimizes the risk of damaging underground utilities or other structures, greatly reducing the chance of accidents on the job site.

With other methods like backhoes or manual digging, there is a higher risk of damage to underground utilities that can result in costly repairs or delays. Hydrovac excavation's precision and non-destructive nature make it much safer for both workers and the job site as a whole.


When it comes to jobs like excavation, accuracy is key. The last thing you want is to accidentally damage a water or gas line while trying to dig, leading to delays and expensive repairs. Hydrovac excavation's powerful water system allows for precise digging that can avoid any underground utilities, minimizing the risk of damage.

This is in contrast to other methods like manual digging or backhoes, which are less precise and could accidentally hit an underground utility. In addition, hydrovac excavation's vacuum system helps to remove any debris that may be covering the utility, providing a clear view for workers.

Environmental Friendliness

As more and more companies prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness, hydrovac excavation has emerged as a popular choice due to its low impact on the environment. Traditional digging methods often involve heavy machinery that can cause damage to the surrounding landscape, leading to erosion and other issues.

Hydrovac excavation, on the other hand, uses water instead of heavy machinery, which greatly reduces the impact on the environment. This makes it a more eco-friendly option for industrial construction projects.


Because it's able to target and remove specific materials, hydrovac excavation is a highly efficient method of digging. It's also much faster than traditional methods like manual digging or backhoes, which can take longer to complete and require more workers. This means that projects using hydrovac excavation can be completed in a shorter amount of time, saving both time and money for the client.

Easy to Clean Up

Part of that efficiency comes from the fact that hydrovac excavation is also very easy to clean up. The vacuum system quickly removes any debris, leaving a clean job site without piles of dirt or debris to remove manually.

This makes it much easier and faster for workers to move on to the next stage of construction without having to spend extra time cleaning up.

In summary, hydrovac excavation offers several benefits when it comes to industrial construction projects. From safety and accuracy to efficiency and environmental friendliness, it's a versatile and reliable method that has become increasingly popular in the industry. As we continue to prioritize safety, precision, and sustainability in our work, we expect hydrovac excavation to remain a key solution for many years to come.

At Redi, we are dedicated to providing top-quality services and solutions for all your industrial construction needs. Contact us today to learn more about our hydrovac excavation and other water-powered services, or about any of our other industrial construction solutions for companies around Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada.

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