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Managing Supply Chain Delays in Construction

Managing Supply Chain Delays in Construction

There are a few processes that are vital within industrial construction and any other form of construction project you may be involved with, and supply chains are a great example. And while they're never desirable, supply chain delays can happen in the construction world - and knowing how to manage them is vital.

At Redi, we're happy to assist clients around Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado with all their industrial construction needs, including many areas that involve supply chains - fiber optics, insulation, electrical services and much more. Here are some basics on how supply chains work and who is involved, plus some important tips on how to manage any delays that arise here within your project.

Supply Chain Basics and Involved Entities

Within any industrial construction or other construction project, materials required will be obtained through a supply chain. This chain will involve at least a few entities, commonly the following:

  • Suppliers: The "first" entity in most supply chains is the supplier, which is the source of raw materials or goods needed for your project. This may include manufacturers, wholesalers or others.
  • Manufacturers: In most cases, however, manufacturers are considered a separate entity within the supply chain. These entities take raw materials from suppliers and process them into usable goods or components.
  • Distributors: In other cases, distributors may be present in place of manufacturers. These entities don't manufacture or produce anything themselves - instead, they act as intermediaries between suppliers and the end-user (in this case, your construction project).
  • Contractors: Depending on the specific project, contractors may also be involved in the supply chain. This is especially true for industrial construction projects that require specialized labor or trades.
  • End-users: As mentioned, your construction project or client will ultimately act as the end-user of all goods and materials within the supply chain.

Common Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Depending on your specific project and needs, there may be a number of unique challenges that arise in managing your supply chain. These can include:

  • Weather delays or other logistical issues
  • Production delays from suppliers or manufacturers
  • Quality control concerns for materials or goods being used
  • Unexpected shortages or limited availability of certain materials

The Impact of the Pandemic

While we know some don't want to hear it, there's no question that the COVID pandemic has had a major impact on supply chains in the construction world. Everything from closures and shutdowns at manufacturing plants to international shipping delays have been factors, and many projects have seen significant delays as a result.

As we move past the pandemic and things normalize, it's extremely important for all involved parties to communicate openly and work together closely to minimize any further delays that may be caused by ongoing supply chain issues. This is a prime area where working with experienced industrial construction professionals like those at Redi can be a huge asset - we know how to spot and manage any delays that may occur here, helping you keep your project on track and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation.

Best Practices With Delays and Other Supply Chain Management

While the specifics here will vary with each individual project, here are some basic tips for managing your supply chain, including any delays that arise:

  • Use data for order planning: If possible, gather and track data on your past projects to identify and plan for any potential supply chain issues.
  • Develop strong relationships: The better you know your suppliers and contractors, the more effectively you can work together to address any issues that arise with the supply chain.
  • Utilize transparency and communication: Open lines of communication between all parties involved in your project is key to managing any delays or issues that arise.
  • Have contingency plans: Be prepared with backup materials or alternative suppliers in case of unexpected delays or shortages.

By following these best practices and working closely with experienced industrial construction professionals, you can effectively manage any supply chain challenges that come your way. At Redi, we're always here to help - contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your industrial construction projects, whether you're located in Wyoming, Nevada or Colorado.

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