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Merry Christmas From Sullivan Compressor Station

Merry Christmas From Sullivan Compressor Station

Merry Christmas from Sullivan Compressor Station.

This year the crew at Sullivan had a lot to be thankful for, so an idea was brought up at a morning safety meeting that we help a family in area have a great Christmas.  We asked the crews if they knew of a family or maybe even a relative that was less fortunate that we could help.  A long term employee of Redi came into the office and told us a story of his uncle.  In short the Loomis family of 6 living in a 2 bedroom apartment.  The Uncle is disabled and one of the sons (Steven) was in a horrific traffic accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down and in a wheel chair.  With Steven not able to move below the neck his mother is a full time nurse to care for her son.  Another son and his wife (Sam and Flair) are also living in the house with their 2 young sons that are 1 ½ and 4.

The next morning we told the story and anyone that would like to help could.  We were able to gather $550 in just two days.  A few of the crew member got together one night after work and went shopping.  With the money were able to get bikes, winter coats, gloves and hats for the kids, shoes that didn’t wear blisters on Stevens feet and new socks and any other Christmas gifts we could think of.  We were also able to pull enough money together to get them a GREAT Christmas dinner.

I just wanted to share the story with each of you.  These people didn’t do it for recognition or any other reason than the joy it brought to them.

Chet Murray ASP

Safety Manager – Colorado

Office- (970) 625-0233

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