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Hierarchy of Controls for Construction Chemicals

There are several settings where management of chemicals and possible related hazards is vital, and industrial construction is a great example. Within many such areas, including construction, a common and often ideal approach to chemical and other toxic substance management - and one recommended by the OSHA - is known as a hierarchy of controls. […]

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Industrial Construction RFI Basics and Management

Construction projects of all types involve pieces of uncertainty and questions that come up throughout the various phases of the project, and there will often be a need for multiple parties to clarify or receive additional information about these changes. There are a few forms of documentation that may be used here, and one of […]

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Electrical Concepts for Different Construction Phases

There are a few kinds of needs or services that will often be in play throughout the various stages of an industrial construction project, and one great example here is electrical solutions. Electrical considerations are often part of nearly every stage of a given project, and knowing when and how they should be applied is […]

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Scaffolding Inspection Importance and Frequency

There are several regular fixtures on certain industrial construction sites that require regular inspections for safety and efficacy, and one of the best examples here is the realm of scaffolding. Because scaffolding is used to support workers who will often be at dangerous heights, ensuring that it's always in good working order is vital for […]

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Avoiding Major Industrial Construction Rework Needs

There are a few things that we all want to avoid when it comes to any kind of industrial construction project, and many of these surround areas where repeat or secondary work has to be done. One common such issue is that of rework - what is rework in a construction setting, and how can […]

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How Metal Buildings Resist Pest Infestations

There are several major advantages that come with using metal as a building material for varying structures, and one of these is protection from various elements and risks. One such risk that many building owners care about is pests - and this is definitely a key area where metal buildings hold major advantages over many […]

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Safety Themes for Industrial Construction Welding

Several processes in the world of industrial construction require important safety concepts to be maintained at all times, and a great example here is welding. Welding is a common process in construction, but also one that creates some notable hazards -and ensuring anyone who will be present on the site is protected from these hazards […]

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Importance of Document Management in Industrial Construction

The concept of documentation is important in many industries, and the world of industrial construction is no exception. There are several ways that proper construction documentation helps move a project forward efficiently, and ensuring you've covered all such areas ahead of your project is very important. At Redi, we're here to offer unmatched industrial construction […]

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Heavy Haul Trucking Terminology to Know

Terminology is important throughout a number of industries, and one of the single best examples is within the broad sector of industrial construction. One specific area where knowing a few terms and forms of jargon can be very helpful is within any kind of heavy haul trucking or transport need your project may have. At […]

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How Metal Buildings Withstand the Elements

Resistance to the elements is a major concern for many facilities and industrial buildings, and both clients and contractors are always looking for ideal materials to meet project needs here. Metal buildings are some of the top candidates for many such jobs, and there are several specific qualities that make it such an ideal choice. […]

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