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Hydrovac & Trucking completed a successful Turnaround in Casper. This group has also been awarded several large jobs, including some in Utah.  

Insulation & Scaffold kicked off a large project, providing scaffolding support with a 14-man crew for 8 months. This group was also awarded a scaffolding support project in Rock Springs.

Mine Maintenance group was awarded a chute changeout project, a good step for gaining market share in mechanical work. The scaffolding group within mine maintenance was also awarded a significant scaffolding project that required a staff-increase.

Mechanical is preparing to kick off a project in Idaho with help from the Civil group. They have been gaining traction with a facility, who continues to add to our crew’s scope.

Although Painting & Coatings has had a slow winter, the team is busy bidding some large-scope projects. If awarded any portion, this group will have a great 2023.

Specialty Services was awarded a project deploying several pots. They also have increased work east of Lyman.

Evanston’s management team is learning the new pricing tool and making great strides in project management and cost control. They are thinking outside the box and finding solutions. Our motto is “Creativity follows commitment.” – Area Manager

Front Range

Civil & Concrete group has been awarded several substation and other projects. The estimated value of these awarded projects is $3.1 million.

Work continues to pick up for Hydrovac & Trucking, who had some success hiring new drivers. A big shout out to all our current drivers for having such a great, SAFE month! A customer has expressed interest in using us for more projects, this is exciting as it opens up more doors and opportunities for future work. Things keep looking up for this department as business continues to grow week after week.

Insulation continues to stay busy, despite April being slower than the impressive start to the year. The team continues to bid on work that will be kicking off over the next couple of months.

Specialty Service has started work on a turnaround project. We continue to hear great feedback from the customer on our performance there. We have started to receive orders for several of the annual events that we usually service every year. Luckily, we have been able to get mostly staffed up and are prepared to handle the work. Roll-offs have also picked up thanks to these bigger projects.

Big thank you to certain individuals for continuing to help us get and keep our fleet going! – Area Manager

Western Slope

As expected, things are really picking up for Specialty Services with several new PJ units being set. We were awarded the contract with a facility, setting 25 units and weekly service. We are providing units for two facility shutdowns and have locked in several special events in the next few months. We would like to welcome a new driver to this department, as well. He comes to us all the way from New York, we are very excited to have him on our team.

Trucking is staying busy despite still struggling to find drivers. We really appreciate our drivers, our mechanic, and our Trucking Manager for all the long hours they are putting in to help keep up with the workload. The haul in Grand Junction is off to a great start and going smoothly. 

Insulation & Paint has landed a few new jobs, keeping them very busy.

We would like to welcome our new Administrative Assistant to our team. 

Thank you to the Rifle Team for their continued hard work and dedication, you are much appreciated. – Area Manager

Sanitation was awarded a huge bid! The customer stated we have set a high standard for the PJs and are looking forward to the future. Effectively immediately we are taking over cleaning the current blue rooms while our new ones are being built! Way to go group!

Vac trucks were asked to go out to an emergency job where 3 trucks were deployed 24 hours a day for 4 months, and possibly long term. We have been asked to supply more equipment as soon as possible while simultaneously working through the down season! It’s been a busy month for this group maintaining existing customer relations and building new ones.

Hydroblasting has been busy with downs and emergencies. The Stingray made its first debut at a mine and wowed all that watched what this powerful machine can do. Stingray was cleaning a tank that previous companies had spent a ton of money and resources on to clean it and nothing was touching it. After 12 hours of running the Stingray, they had their tank clean and operational.

Transportation group is still running strong. Thank goodness for better weather, finally!

We would like to give a special shout out to the mechanics for all their hard work and dedication, endless hours trying to keep our 250-unit fleet up and running. It is a daunting task, especially right now when all the equipment is needed!

Thank you to Platteville Civil and Insulation groups for providing manpower to assist us through this busy time, and the entire Nevada Group for continuously and safely providing the best service to our customers that keep calling us back for more! – Operations Manager and Area Manager

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