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One of our teams accomplished a successful Reactor Cleaning in August. We are now prepared for a 2 weeklong Reactor Shutdown at the end of August into September.

Electrical/HVAC group is staying busy on the HVAC with a client. They hired a new HVAC tech which allows the 5th electrician to go back to electrical work. The electrical side was awarded a large relay project that will run roughly 2 months with 5 team members.

Trucking & Hydrovac is extremely busy this time of year, with projects from vac truck work to blade work repairing roads for energy company. We want to welcome the new manager to this department. He was promoted from lead driver out of the ranks to department manager, and we are excited to see him grab the leadership role and thrive.

The Scaffolding & Insulation group has continued to stay busy with a client with the shutdown gearing down. One project has recently doubled in manpower from 7 to 14 team members. This group is getting very good results. Management is very dialed in on controlling costs and running a good business unit.

Mine Maintenance group on the scaffolding side is maintaining a very busy schedule; this client is extremely pleased with the performance of this group. The construction side has a couple of large projects going between clients.

The Mechanical group completed a TAR at a job on time with no incidents. They are also kicking off a large building project in Evanston.

The Painting & Coatings group welcomes a new manager. He comes to us with 28 years of painting experience and knowledge. This group has a full schedule for the next 2 months, and he is digging in looking for winter work to utilize the paint shop in Lyman.

Specialty Services had a record high top line revenue month in July. The team had an extremely busy month, running some trucks on multiple shifts, and getting creative to cover all the needs in that group.

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” We have seen a lot of changes in the Evanston Area in the last couple of months, and I am extremely pleased at how this leadership team is banding together and digging in to continue to grow. – Area Manager

Western Slope

The Specialty Services department is continuing to grow to the point that we are hiring another driver. We have had numerous applicants, and we will begin interviews this week. So far this month, we have had 151 new sets branching from Snowmass to the Grand Junction area. 

The Paint & Insulation group is happy to announce that one of our team member has been promoted to our new Department Manager. He has been with our company here in Rifle for almost 8 years in our trucking department. We are very excited to add him to the management team, it is a well-deserved promotion. 

Due to so much road construction in our area this summer, our team is focusing on staying alert and being extra safe in those areas. Keep up the great work team. –  Area Manager

Front Range

Things continue to be very busy for the Hydrovac & Trucking department. The extra dry and hot weather has brought many opportunities for the water trucks to stay busy watering roads for dust mitigation. The hydrovacs continue to stay busy with a couple of new customers that we have taken on. Things look to stay busy for the foreseeable future for this department.

Insulation has had a slow summer, but things are looking to pick up. The manager has been working hard hitting the pavement looking for new customers and ways to expand his business line.

Specialty Services had a steady month with normal operation for the summer. They have managed to take on and sponsor a couple of events for local communities, and the customer feedback has been nothing but positive. The crews have done a fantastic job with their customer service. One customer wrote in an email “I appreciate the attention to detail your people provide. They are always so helpful and professional. They are always willing to do what is asked of them”.  Great job to this Department!

The Construction department continues to stay extremely busy with projects from South Texas up into Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska. These guys have done a great job of building relationships with their customers and are able to do repeat business with most of them. The work log for this group is very full and they continue to kick out bids for future work. Hats off to these guys for being able to keep up with work demands down in South Texas working in the extreme heat.

Thank you to everyone in Platteville for all your efforts and hard work this last month, and every month. Especially thank you for working so hard on our safety program to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of each day. We are nothing if we are not a team! I appreciate everything everyone here has done and continues to do. – Area Manager

Hydroblasting has had a busy month running two dredges and taking care of emergencies for customers. They successfully completed a down for client job sites and are preparing for an exciting new opportunity in the next month! Details to follow!

Vac Trucks have been running steady assisting on dredge jobs, drill services and ponds. Looking forward to another busy month.

Specialty Services continues to be steady. Our roll-off department was asked to assist on a job site as their truck is being repaired. Nice little project for that department this month to add to their revenue.

Transportation just keeps growing. We get seats filled and must keep hiring as more and more demand comes from Slurry and Acid hauling. They also got to deploy and set all 5 of our frac tanks and provide potable water hauling, sewage etc. We also started a 3-month project running our 8k tankers 7 days a week in Winnemucca, NV.

We want to send a special thank you to our shop crew and the rest of the team for working tirelessly to keep us up and running. It isn’t easy to keep this many wheels turning and we appreciate all of you! All of our Team has been doing a great job, putting in the hours, being professional and safe!! Great effort by all! –  Area Manager and Operations Manager

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