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Electrical/HVAC group stayed busy throughout the year with employees doing maintenance work. We have built a good plan to bolster this group up in 2023.

Insulation & Scaffold had a stellar year, including a large project for a new client. Overall, it was a very successful year for this group.

Painting & Coatings has slowed down due to seasonality but is exploring a large project in Utah cleaning a brick building.

The winter months slow Specialty Services down, but they are battling to keep moving. This group also experienced a leadership change, and 2023 looks promising as the new manager brings ideas that will be a huge benefit.

The Hydrovac & Trucking group is gaining momentum by adding new team members and performing diligently for customers.

Mechanical group finished the year out strong winning a large project in Rock Springs. This group has opportunity for growth and to tackle large-scale projects.

Mine Services, a new department, works primarily at the Trona mines in SW Wyoming. Due to their hard work in 2022, this group gained enough market share to justify forming its own department in 2023.

The Evanston area had a successful year. We had some changes in leadership but all in all, we banded together as a team and look forward to good things to come. Jim Rohn said, “We are the sum total of the people we spend our time with.” I have very high hopes for 2023 and look forward to working with this team as part of the “sum total”! – Wyoming Area Manager

Western Slope

Our Paint/Insulation department has been awarded some more big projects with Oil & Gas clients, and is expanding into some residential and commercial painting projects.

Trucking is busy hauling production water and is looking for more drivers so we can continue to expand that service due to high demand.

Despite the colder weather, Specialty Services continues to stay busy running five full-time routes. Our employees continue to do a great job and receive regular compliments from customers.

We had a great year here in the Rifle operation. Our team of dedicated men and women worked well together and put in a lot of overtime to accomplish our 2022 goals. We appreciate all they do. - Area Manager

Front Range

Construction has a busy January lined up, with multiple project kick-offs in TX, NM, and CO. This group is looking at a strong start in Q1.

Hydrovac & Trucking welcomes a new Trucking Manager with a wealth of knowledge and field experience, and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in this department in 2023.

Insulation continues to grow and bring in new clients and work. They were awarded three small projects for a major operator in the DJ basin in November. The operator was very happy with the quality of work and has since awarded us numerous other projects into 2023.

Specialty Services continues to provide top-notch service with clean and affordable porta johns and roll offs. Things have been steady and look to stay that way in Q1 of 2023.

Carlin operations successfully completed our annual MSHA refresher on 12/17. This is the one time of year we can get together as a group, 75 in total, and celebrate our team as well as do hands-on learning and less classroom/PowerPoints. We had Safety reps here to teach the proper way to run vacuum trucks and hydroblast pumps, along with fire extinguisher and fall protection trainings.

Vac trucks and hydroblasting started out slow in December but we finished strong and blew right into 2023 with over-loaded schedules. We have been awarded several large jobs in January and March on top of the emergency work! Which means we are still hiring to get the team prepped for the New Year.

Transportation is a quickly growing, we brought 13 new trailers online in December and anticipate it becoming one of our largest departments in the next couple months.

We have had several weeks of freeze and record snow to overcome which resulted in several emergency jobs! Thanks to the team for a great year. January is already a booked-out month and it goes back to the team that works hard to provide the best service possible! – Area Manager

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