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The Electrical group was awarded a T&M in Rock Springs and will hopefully keep that crew busy for the next month or two!

Hydrovac department is gearing up for a large turnaround in Casper while keeping busy plowing snow in the lovely Wyoming wind.

Scaffold and Insulation group made Feb profitable by being willing to work outside their norm. They took on a warehouse inventory and moving project to keep the crews busy and help the client.

Mine Maintenance is picking up speed as a newly formed department, keeping 12 scaffold builders busy every day.

Mechanical is busy with maintenance contracts and small ad hoc work that pops up. This group is also gearing up for a large project in June.  

Paint group has a good opportunity to paint some large tanks in the shop in Lyman. We are hopeful this project will materialize.

Specialty Services was awarded a project for porta johns during an outage for an Oil & Gas client in Evanston. We are excited to add this to the list of WON projects.

2023 looks to be a great year for us here in Southwest Wyoming! – Area Manager

Front Range

Trucking is getting busier each day and is looking to bring on some drivers to help with the anticipated extra workload. We’ve been asked to provide a bid for a couple of long hauls, which should be great work if we can accommodate it.

Insulation continues to stay busy and find quality projects. They were just awarded a project down at Ft. Carson to insulate three large tanks with the possibility of seven more.

It has been a rough winter for Specialty Services, between the weather and equipment breakdowns. They received a new PJ truck and got one back from the shop, which has helped tremendously.

All in all, things are busy and looking good for the rest of Q-1 and the start of Q-3. – Area Manager

Western Slope

Specialty Services is very busy despite the challenging weather, especially on our mountain area routes to service Oil & Gas clients. However, our drivers persevere through the snow and long, cold days and continue to get the job done.

Trucking has a lot going on as well keeping everyone busy. Our biggest challenge is finding drivers, we have been on the hunt for some time with no luck. 

The group attended a "kick off" meeting for our Biosolids-hauling contract. We will be hauling approximately 6 loads a day, starting in mid-March. 

Our Insulation & Paint team have some big jobs in the works. Because the project is located on the mountain top, the snow has created some delays.

As always, thank you to our dedicated team. Every day they go out and deal with this cold and snow and put in long hours. We appreciate all they do. – Area Manager

The Coal Haul is having a tough winter with road closures, which is to be expected when working in WY and CO. Fortunately, we added three trucks to the fleet recently, with a few more to come, along with trailers. This will be a tremendous help to our department, as each truck averages two, 458-mile runs in a 24-hour period.

Now if Mother Nature would cooperate, we can get loaded up and trucking! – Area Manager

Hydroblast and Hydrovac have been busy with emergency work and are preparing for upcoming shutdowns. We are working on adding three vac trucks to the fleet due to demand.

Specialty Services has been running steady with roll-offs, and recently received a potential opportunity for PJs. It involves a large mining project, servicing 85 units/5 days per week. We’ve been REDI!

Trucking has been fighting to maintain equipment and keep the loads from freezing. Drivers are doing an exceptional job of driving safe in the challenging weather.

It’s been a winter for the record books here in Nevada and we want to thank all our crews for pushing through, being safe and providing our customers with the best service possible. Looking forward to the downs that usually kick off the year. First one March 2nd! – Area Manager

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