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Scaffold & Insulation has been deploying snow removal crews at Shute Creek, keeping most of the crew busy.

Hydrovac & Trucking has been busy with snow removal for a handful of good clients, having a very successful January.

Mine Services has hit the ground running, staying busy on the scaffolding side, and the construction group keeps picking up more projects. We are hopeful for this group and see great things in the future.

Specialty Services continues to stay busy providing superior service in the sanitation realm.

John Wooden said “We must be interested in finding the best way, not in having our own way.”  I am very pleased with the team we have in Wyoming; each team member is engaged in the effort of making Redi Services more successful each day. – Area Manager

Front Range

Trucking has had a slow month to this point, but things are looking better going into February.

Insulation has had a great month continuing to stay super busy. Work continues to be scheduled and it looks like they’ll have a great Q1.

Specialty Services added a new PJ truck to the fleet, as well as was returned a truck that had been under repair for about 9 months.  they had been waiting on for repairs for about nine months was completed returned.

Construction had a stronger than usual Q1 kick off in January and are prepping for a busy February in Texas.

Western Slope

Rifle’s Insulation & Paint department is busy bringing in new opportunities. We are looking for new crewmembers to join our team to help with the extra workload.

Trucking is also busy hauling production water for Oil & Gas clients, as well as septic for a couple rigs every week. We are hoping to hire a couple more CDL drivers to help with the extra workload.

We have been fortunate in January so far in all groups, with kicking off a large hydroblast and vac truck shutdown. Hydroblasting has had 3-4 pumps out daily between scheduled outages and emergency work.

The Vac group has had 5-8 trucks out daily assisting with ponds, downs, and lots of labor snow removal projects. We’ve had 8 people and one vac truck on a leach pad for the last 3 weeks, shoveling and vaccing snow while enduring freezing temperatures and record snowfall.

Specialty Services has an RFQ in the Black Rock Desert, supplying 46 porta johns with daily service for 8 days.

Transportation group has been rolling along despite the cold/snowy weather with chain law in effect 70% of the month.

We are preparing for the downs that start in March-July that will significantly increase workload. We have already received several PO’s for these large projects with more RFQs expected.

We are thankful every day for the hard work and dedication of our team. Our customers keep requesting us to do more jobs because of their commitment to safety and professionalism across the board. – Area Manager

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