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“Big shout out to the work group at one of our larger facilities. The last couple of months have been long days and stressful nights. Between shutdown and having our largest month yet, to continuing with the maintenance contract and juggling all that comes with that. The Redi team at this company has continued to exceed our client’s and Redi’s expectations. Thank You from the Leadership Team”

The Electrical group is staying busy on the HVAC side with a client and a few call outs. This group is looking at a decent sized relay project that would keep them busy for 2-3 months.

Trucking & Hydrovac has all-hands-on-deck with 8 trucks and 9 people working around the clock, while still maintaining regular water hauls and other previously scheduled work at one of our job sites.

Insulation & Scaffolding has ramped up work for a client who is executing a project for another location. They have requested a 7-person crew to be onsite full-time for the duration of the clients time on the project, which is projected to be 2 more years.

The Mine Maintenance group recently completed a large-scale concrete project on a decant pond, and the scaffold and insulation guys are slammed busy with the day-to-day needs of this client.

Mechanical group is gearing up for TAR support in Riverton, WY. Also, inside the same facility they are beginning a large piping project building out safety eye wash and shower stations.

The Painting & Coatings department is keeping its crew busy working for a client. They recently landed some more work with a client painting tanks, utilizing our paint facility in Lyman.

Specialty Services handed the reins over to an employee as the new Department Manager. July is a hectic month for this group as they are supporting numerous TARs in the area.

July has been a very busy month. As a leadership team we have been focusing on safety and ensuring that the message is getting all the way through each crew. “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing,” with safety being the main thing! - Area Manager

Colorado East

Trucking continues to stay busy with the hydrovacs, belly dumps, and water trucks. They’ve had to turn work away due to lack of drivers, but some recent new hires should help turn things around in August.

Things have slowed down over the summer for Insulation, but they continue to do small jobs. The team has bid on a fairly good size project for a client to insulate a couple tanks, hopefully it’s a win for this department.

Specialty Services continue to produce great revenue numbers. Things have been busy with all the weekend summer events. This team is doing a great job paying attention to customer service and satisfaction and has replaced some of our competitors on a couple different jobs because of their attention to detail. Keep up the great work guys! – Area Manager

Colorado West

Specialty Services had another busy and successful month, setting large quantities of toilets for two specials events. We set 38 units and serviced them daily for 10 days, and provided 24 units for another event. In addition to these two events, we set an additional 134 units throughout our route area.

The Trucking department is staying busy and consistent with septic, water hauling, roll offs, production water and the Biosolid haul.

Paint & Insulation completed some scaffolding jobs. They have also been busy painting some piping in the Redi Yard and provided painting and insulation at some mines.

As our Safety Focus this month, we have been putting a big emphasis on keeping cool, drinking lots of fluids and staying safe in extreme heat. I want to thank our incredible team for the long hours and hard work they are putting in. –  Area Manager

Hydroblasting successfully completed a shutdown, had a month of dredging and 4 more jobs waiting for the dredge to become available. We are also adding another dredge to the group!  They also wrapped up hydroblasting and took on an emergency job in Nevada.

Hydrovac has been running alongside the dredge work and keeping up with all the demand from clients. Lots of last-minute call-ins and unplanned work. A couple of our Operators went to Wyoming and assisted with a client turnround. This group was awarded a contract where we will be sending 4 technicians to support the 4 crews through the end of the year.

Specialty Services has been running steady, with all roll-off bins deployed for most of the year and daily calls from the mines and construction sites.  

Transportation has been rolling along. We are adding more drivers to the Sulfuric Acid haul. Just when you think you have the seats filled, demand goes up!

We would like to thank the Nevada Team for being patient with the changes this month and the preparation of moving into the new office in the coming week!! It’s been a long process, but we are finally there! We would also like to introduce our new Transportation Coordinator. He was operating trucks for one of our hauls and we are excited to have him join us on the management side. – Area Manager and Operations Manager

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