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Electrical/HVAC group has had some management changes, but we are continuing the work. This group is excited and motivated to keep hustling and contributing to the greater team.

Hydrovac & Trucking was recently awarded a large contract by a client for cleaning culverts all throughout the field. This project is substantial in size and will keep the crew busy through the summer and into the late fall.

Insulation & Scaffolding has a steady presence inside a facility, and they keep being awarded more projects. This group was recently awarded another scaffolding project to keep the crew busy during their turnaround.

Mine Maintenance has bid on some larger mechanical work and is filling up their schedule for the summer. The scaffolding side of this group is in negotiations with a client to develop a maintenance agreement.

The Mechanical department continues to have a steady presence, doing everything from tying rebar to providing security guards for the guard shack. This group was also awarded a large project erecting inflatable dome for a High School. This will be an interesting one!

Painting & Coatings is spraying away! They are busy working on some compressor stations and working in the shop painting large tanks.

Specialty Services had a record month in May. There is a lot of activity around SW Wyoming, and this group is in the thick of it all.

I want to give a shoutout to the Rifle and Platteville areas who have lent us resources on short notice to help us fulfill our obligations. It lightens the burden when we can lean on each other to make things happen. – Area Manager

Western Slope

The coal haul has been super busy getting the stockpile of a client filled back up after the never-ending winter. We have been experiencing some staff shortages, so the crew has been working extremely hard to keep tonnage up.

This company has conducted one of two stack tests. The first one concluded June 10th and we have the next one July 5th-8th. I am super proud of the coal hauler drivers. They know what needs to be done during these tests and have stepped up taking on extra loads to make sure we were getting the job done. I work with a great bunch of drivers who work tirelessly to keep us rolling. – Craig Area Manager

Specialty Services had another busy month, with our biggest special event so far this summer. We set, serviced, and pulled 75 units for a 4-day event in Snowmass. Our drivers serviced all units twice a day during the event while keeping up with their busy routes, they did a great job.

We also provided 36 units for an event in Glenwood Springs, another event where the drivers had to service 3 times a day. We were given a huge "kudos" from the coordinator letting us know that she received numerous compliments about how nice and clean our units were. Nice job to our great team.

Paint & Insulation finished up 3 big containment jobs. Thank you to the Wyoming group for their help in providing hydrovac services on these jobs.

We have been really pushing the Safety Awareness here in Rifle by having more regular safety meetings, sending out group "Safety" reminders/tips and we have started a "Safety Board" in the shop, to try and keep safety extra visible every day.

Congratulations to our Administrative Lead here in Rifle on the birth of her 2nd little girl. Lucky for us, she plans to return part-time after a short maternity leave. 

Thanks to our entire team for remaining diligent and working hard every day, putting in long hours during this very busy season. – Rifle Area Manager

Front Range

The Hydrovac team helped on a semi - emergency job where they needed us to clean out their ceramic fines vault. It took some strategic planning and help from a 3rd party safety vendor, but the crews pulled it off and the customer was very pleased with our efforts to get them up and running again.

Insulation continues to stay busy and just picked up some smaller jobs. They are also doing a few small turnaround projects for other operators in the area.

Construction has two large projects running in Texas and is looking forward to $1 million per month revenue through September. This group is also working to create a backlog for 2024.

Specialty Services finished a large turnaround. The customer was happy with the project and has already started talking about the next turnaround. This department was able to add 3 new drivers to our crew which will help with routes and scheduling.

Hydroblasting started a dredge job for a 6-week duration. They have been busy prepping for an outage that the Stingray will also be making the journey for.  They were awarded an underground blast job in Nevada, where they are removing 250 ft of concrete from a plugged line. This is a high-profile job and temperatures are reaching 150 degrees!

Vac Trucks have been busy with several hydrovac projects and pond cleaning. It’s been a very busy season already!

Specialty Services finally got on a roll with the new contract and assisting all the construction companies with their seasonal needs. The Roll-Off department has every bin deployed and running steady.

Transportation is steadily rolling in slurry and with an uptick in sulfuric acid hauling. One of our clients is starting to run the acid again, which means we are getting more drivers trained and trailers ready to haul!

The Business Development team met up with the rest of the team and the Stingray to represent Redi at a large Expo in Nevada. It was a great event with lots of interest from the crowd in our unique piece of equipment!

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