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Electrical and HVAC group has submitted pricing on a couple large scale electrical jobs, we are hopeful to land one and get the crews busy.

Trucking group is extremely busy working in Casper on a Powerplant. During their outage, they are running 24/7 through the duration of the project. The continued snowfall has kept this group busy moving snow as well.

Insulation/Scaffold is kicking off a scaffolding project, which keeps 14-member crew busy 40 hours a week for the rest of the year. We are anxious to get the project going.

Mine Maintenance group has seen a leadership change, but they are staying busy while running some smaller projects.

Mechanical is busy bidding on a lot of projects, the most notable being a large carwash in Idaho. This project includes scopes for our Civil, Electrical, Paint, and Insulation groups as well.

Although the Paint group has had a slow winter, they have good opportunities to bid long-term work and are waiting to hear the outcome. We were provided pricing on a unique project cleaning the exterior of a tall building in Salt Lake City.

Specialty Services had a steady winter. Their largest project servicing 100 PJs and 13 handwashes on one location 3x a week. This group has also implemented a tracking system.

I am grateful for the team we are building here in Wyoming; we have some very committed team members who are making a difference! Thank you to each of them! - Area Manager

Western Slope

The trucking department is off to a good start with the new haul for the City of Grand Junction, they are doing an excellent job. We have an opportunity to do more Production Water Hauling once we get more CDL drivers onboard. Thank you to the dedicated crew for working hard to attain your CDLs while still running your daily routes.

Specialty Services is seeing an increase in activity as the construction season picks up. We were incredibly happy to find out that we were awarded another 3-year contract in Rifle servicing 36 units 2x per week in the town and camping areas. We also submitted a bid to set up and service 25 units for a coal company in the area. We are also very happy to welcome one of our former team members back to this department. We are excited to have them back on the Redi team.

Paint/Insulation continues to stay busy and find new opportunities. They are off to a great start this first quarter and it looks like they have plenty of work to keep them busy for months to come.

Congratulations to our Trucking/Sanitation Manager! He celebrated 14 years with Redi this month. He is a great guy, easy to get along with, and does a great job every day. We are lucky to have him on our Redi Team.

Our management team here really appreciates everything our men/women do every day to keep our customers happy and get the work done in a safe and timely manner. Thanks everyone, keep up the great work. – Area Manager

Front Range

Construction had a slow March but were able to aid a group in their mine turnarounds and yard work. April is starting to fill up and we look forward to a busy summer season.

Work for Trucking has picked up significantly and we have been able to hire additional people to cover the extra workload. Things are looking good!

Things continue to run strong for the Insulation department. They have both been very happy with the work being done and continue to add projects. This department should stay busy for the foreseeable future.

Manpower continues to be an issue for Specialty Services. Regardless, they are doing a great job managing with a smaller-than-desirable crew. We have started to prepare for a large turnaround, which will be a very busy time for sanitation.

Hydro blasting and Vac Trucks wrapped up the 2023 roaster down in record time! We appreciate the help received from Platteville and Wyoming for assisting us on the project!

Hydro blasting is on another big project, hydro blasting bundles for 9 days, 2 pumps, 24 hours and then headed right into NGM Mill 5 Outage.

The Vac Truck group has been busy preparing for an outage, the first dredge job of the year and doing a lot of drill services emergencies. Busy, busy group!

Transportation just picked up another haul. Its 24 hours a day for 6 weeks, hauling acid water in Phoenix, while still being busy with slurry, acid, and carbon.

Great job to the Nevada Team for keeping up the safety culture while working long hours! – Area Manager and Operations Manager

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