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A customers shutdown was a success, with Redi’s 50 full-time employees plus an additional 110 travelers completing an injury-free shutdown. Special thanks to the team leaders for keeping 160 people efficient for many days. With permission from the job site, the team managed multiple high priority welding jobs, finishing all of them on time and leak-free across the board.

Electrical & HVAC group has been steady with HVAC work and trying to win some electrical jobs.

Trucking & Hydrovac is busy and picking up more work. They were recently awarded a 3-week  project.

Insulation & Scaffold has a steady presence, and they keep being awarded more projects. They recently finished a TAR and were asked to return and perform more work because of how well the crew did. Kudos to the team for knocking it out of the park!

Mine Maintenance group continues to grow and develop. The scaffold and insulation side stays busy responding to the needs in an ever-present maintenance scenario. The new Department Manager has shown great leadership and has taken on some larger concrete projects that are tipping the scales for that group.

The Mechanical department has doubled the crew size for certain projects. They have also been awarded another large contract. This group has a lot of work out in front of it for the summer months.

Painting & Coatings was awarded three jobs in the month of May, including a new client in Franny, WY, some tanks to paint in the shop in Lyman, and painting work. They went from slow to busy overnight!

Specialty Services has deployed nearly all PJs and roll-offs. The team has done a wonderful job responding to the needs of the clients and keeping this group moving. This group has some hectic months ahead as they will be supporting numerous facilities during their TARs.

The Leadership team in Evanston has come together to give an increased focus on safety. We have committed to weekly job site audits, which allows us to review JSA’S, inspect the site, and give guidance to the crews. We are hopeful this will drive accountability down to the crews.

As the busy season is upon us, I am grateful for the committed team we have here in Evanston, it takes all of us to make it work every day.  – Area Manager

Front Range

Hydrovac completed another successful project in Cripple Creek. This department has continued to be busy and looks to continue for a while for multiple companies.

May was a slower month for Insulation, this department was able to help in other areas that have been shorthanded. Shout out to the team for helping with various projects around the yard, from cleaning and making repairs to PJs to fixing vents on the roof.

May has been a very busy month for Specialty Services with some larger projects still running. Things started off a little rocky, but the crews found their groove and the project has been running very well. Summertime events have started with graduations, weddings and special city events taking place almost every weekend.

Western Slope

Specialty Services has seen the most uptake in workflow this month, setting an additional 205 units at different locations. We also provided 38 toilets to three special events. We would like to welcome a new driver to our team and give a big "Thank You" to our employees in this department, they are working hard as always and meeting these demands daily.  

Our Paint & Insulation department has started projects with a company at three locations, cleaning out containments with the help of the Hydrovac team from Wyoming. These jobs consist of removing the old liners, cleaning out rocks and debris, installing new liners, and replacing rock for the containment.  

Trucking has been very busy keeping up with the high demands of our roll-off, septic and water hauling services. With Construction in full force in our area, the calls to the office have kept the administration department very busy as well. 

Thanks to our amazing team who all work so great together to keep things rolling and keep the customer base happy. – Area Manager

Specialty Services has been very busy preparing and setting the new porta johns for summer projects. In addition, the roll-off department is at full capacity with all its dumpsters out to customers.

Hydroblasting was awarded a big project for a company, which is a huge accomplishment as they have used California companies previously, and this could be the gateway to hydroblasting at all their facilities. We were awarded a hydroblasting job in July, where the Stingray gets to make its debut. This department also just started the first hydrodemo of the year for a client.

Hydroblasting and Vac truck crew were awarded the same project for the second time in a row. At the kick-off meeting with the contractors, the company personnel had great things to say about the entire Redi Crew. They were highly impressed with our hydroblast team and said it is one of the best they have seen. Vac crew also ended up assisting with additional work due to their efficiency and getting scheduled work done early.

Vac Trucks added 2 more to the fleet this week so we can keep up with demand. Fifteen trucks have been deployed through the month of May. They have been busy wrapping up an outage, assisting a project at Cortez and several other pond jobs.

Transportation has been hauling water for a client and asked to quote for 24/7 water haul.  The slurry transport is off the ground and running hard 24/7 this month. We appreciate all the drivers and cleanout crew working hard to dial in this haul and working together to make it more efficient.

Great job Team! Your hard work and dedication to safety and efficiency is paying off. We get new referrals and requests for large projects daily. For perspective, with all this work and equipment running there are approximately 696 tires rolling up and down the roads for Redi in Nevada!!!! It takes a TEAM to keep the wheels rolling! – Area Manager, and Operations Manager

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