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Electrical/HVAC sent two of our electricians to a fiber optic training for a week in UT to position ourselves to take over the fiber optic work in the Trona patch.

Trucking continues to stay busy and now has 6 hydrovac trucks working!

Insulation & Scaffold is busy with one of our larger customers. The manager has been assisting other department managers in learning how to bid insulation and scaffolding work. We appreciate his quiet but strong leadership.

Mine Maintenance’s scaffolding and insulation team was awarded a $50K project. The construction side is finishing up a project, hoping it will lead us to much more work.

The Mechanical group started a large piping project for a customer. It’s the first job with this group, and the project is going well. It involves many of the departments here in WY.

The Painting & Coatings department had a busy fall and is winding down as the weather begins to cool. This group gained some traction and hopes to continue the momentum into next year.

Specialty Services is now under a new stewardship. This group was recently awarded the contract for PJ’S in Wamsutter – a good win!

The maintenance group at one of the Wyoming job sites just resubmitted the proposal for the contract renewal – fingers crossed we are awarded.

Another maintenance team just hired another welder. He has done a fantastic job leading this team and making them successful.

The maintenance of another customer has seen a change in leadership. With a team member being promoted, another individual was promoted out of the field to be the manager of another contract. He has extensive knowledge of this customer and its processes, and we are excited to see what he can do.

We want to give a big shout out and congrats to the team member, who was offered the position of Area Manager for Wyoming.

Being a part of a great team is a great opportunity, a quote that has helped me learn to be a better team member is from an individual that said… “None of us is as smart as all of us!” – Regional Director

Front Range

Construction is coming down from a busy summer and trying to keep the momentum going by working to fill up Q4 and Q1. We are looking to fill a project manager position to prepare for 2024 growth.

The Trucking department had another great month in October. Hydrovac work remained consistent, and things should stay busy for the foreseeable future. We were asked to return to a location to do the trench cleaning; this project usually lasts 2-3 days depending on conditions.

The Insulation group is getting busier by the day now that we are approaching the winter season. The Manager plans to bring on another crew for an important client who has asked him to increase his workforce. Things are looking good for the rest of the year.

Specialty Services keeps chugging along. They received a new PJ truck this month which is a huge addition and will help going into the winter months. Roll-offs continue to stay busy, bins rarely sit in the yard for more than a day or two. Everyone is doing a great job with the DVIR’s and JSA’s, two things we have really been focused on the last couple of months.

Western Slope

The Paint & Insulation department has been busy with insulation due to the time of year and the cold setting in. We have been working on five jobs and just added another one to the list.

The PJ department never seems to slow down! Even with the cold weather approaching, we still saw over 100 new sets this month.  These guys see a lot of overtime and never complain, we really appreciate all they do.  We had a couple customers pay high compliments to the team!

Trucking is staying busy with lots of roll off services and septic calls. Nice job to one of our main drivers, he had several customers compliment him this month when they called to pay, one customer dropped a loaf of homemade bread by the office for him because she was so pleased with his work and his kindness. Nice job!

Thanks to our great team for all the long hours and hard work they do every day. We couldn't be successful without every one of you. – Area Manager

Industrial Services has had a busy month. Hydro blasting wrapped up another successful job. The Stingray has been on site with a client for nearly half of the month. This entire group has been putting out all kinds of fires for this customer, deploying up to 8 vac trucks around the clock and various hydro blasting all over the area. They totaled 1,200 hours in the last 2 weeks with no end in sight. This group has done a great job of multitasking and being available for the next emergency (even having to go from Days/Nights and back to days in a hurry.) Great effort by everyone! We would also like to welcome a new Manager to this department. He has been a Redi employee for 10+ years. One of our team members has also accepted the position of Hydro blasting Superintendent, he has been a Redi employee for 10+ years and has 25+ years of hydro blasting experience.

Specialty Services also had a steady month. We were recently asked to quote a large project starting in Nevada that could take this department to the next level in 2024. PJs were awarded a new contract servicing the restrooms 2x per week on the buses that transport crew members to various mine sites. Great job to the individual taking on this new venture on her own and being awarded the work.

Transportation had a record-breaking month and is on track to do it again in November. We completed a successful test run for a customer’s haul; we’ve been asked to increase tonnage this coming month by 10,000 wet tons to try and beat the weather. We will be staffing 5 drivers 24/7. We are still hauling water for a pipeline in AZ and will continue for the next few months. The acid haul is picking up as well. We have also been asked to put as many trucks/tankers as possible on a client’s water haul for the next 30 days to drain the pond.

Of course, all this work wouldn’t be possible without our mechanics working 24/7 to keep our equipment moving. Thank you to the shop for keeping the wheels turning and all the extra hours and effort all of you are putting in. We would also like to thank Platteville and Wyoming for assisting us in getting more semis delivered to our customers.

We are developing a great team here in Nevada and are excited about what the New Year will bring! Keep up the impressive work and dedication everyone. “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the TEAM” – Regional Director, Operations Manager

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