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Electrical/HVAC is keeping the crews busy and moving forward. This group is looking at a possible opportunity for HVAC Techs at one of our locations.

Trucking & Hydrovac continues to grow its presence in Southwest WY and UT. The Hydrovac fleet has grown from two to four, with a fifth truck on the way. It’s been good to see the fleet of 4 tractors running up and down the interstate as well.

Insulation & Scaffold continues its steady presence assisting one of our partners every day. The have recently been working on a large scaffolding project in LaBarge in conjunction with another group. The team has done an excellent job working with other groups in WY to support each business line.

Mine Maintenance’s scaffolding side just finished up a TAR working 24/7. A big thank you to these team members who jump in and do what is needed to succeed. The construction-side has been engaged in a large metal sheeting project.

The Mechanical group is working in Riverton, installing piping for eye wash and safety showers. They also recently completed a large project in Idaho. The PM was recognized by the client for his excellent performance and attention to detail.

The Painting & Coatings department is spraying away while the weather holds out. They have been working from LaBarge, WY to Cedar City, UT. They have brought new opportunities to the table, and with their previous experience, Redi is able to bid these projects. We are anxiously waiting to see if we are awarded.

Specialty Services had ANOTHER record high top line revenue month, plus an extremely attractive gross and net profit. This group is performing well and continues to expand its network under this leadership. 

One of our crews has been doing a lot of crane work this past month – see photos courtesy of Regional Director of Colorado

An individual said, “Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life, failure comes when we shrink from them.” Our team is undergoing some major changes, and they are each stretching and adapting through this period. I am grateful for each of them, and the efforts and sacrifices they make to make the team better. – Regional Director of Maintenance

Western Slope

The Specialty Services department is still extremely busy. We added a new driver and route! We supplied toilets and handwash units for some large events as well.

Paint & Insulation has been busy with small jobs. We are waiting for a response from a client on a bid we submitted for a large scaffold project.

Our Trucking department has seen an increase in septic and roll-off services, we are once again looking for drivers.  

We would like to welcome a new member to our administrative team. We are very excited to have her. 

I want to give a huge shout out to our mechanic. Not only is he a great mechanic but is willing to jump in a truck at any time to help out. He puts in a lot of overtime to keep our fleet running. We are very lucky to have him on our team. 

Our Safety Focus this month is Housekeeping. We are asking everyone to keep work areas, the yard, connex's and their trucks tidy. A clean workplace is a safer workplace.  Thanks to our team for all their hard work and long hours that keep this operation going. – Area Manager

Front Range

Trucking continues to stay busy with hauling water and hydrovac work. There may be potential to haul grain for a local customer this winter; more news to come on that!

Insulation has started to get busy for the fall and winter; we’ve hired a few people back to help with the workload. This group will start their first Painting job in October for a good client. The Manager has done a great job getting out and trying to drum up new work. We have no doubt that his guys will do a great job with the painting which will be huge for them moving forward.

Specialty Services is doing well despite the challenges of equipment breakdowns and reliable personnel. Team members have been managing some of the day-to-day work, allowing our manager to conduct some business development in the field.

I want to say thank you to everyone working out of the Platteville office. The crews have stepped up and are doing a great job with their JSA’s and DVIR reporting. This takes effort from everyone working together as a team to get these things done. Thank you, Platteville managers and employees, for making these two areas a focus and a priority! –  Area Manager

The hydroblast group was awarded a job in Hilo Hawaii! The job went smoothly, the crew wrapped up three days early and got to explore the island. It seems this may turn into 1-2 times a year project! They also completed two dredge jobs and are moving right into a very busy October.

Some Redi team members had the pleasure of joining our hydroblast group for the first couple of days on their Hawaii venture and took the first day to explore and had the opportunity to team build. It was a great day with many beautiful sites explored and ended with a team dinner. Hydroblasting has worked very hard through the years to take the company and this line of service to new heights! This work is not for the faint of heart. A very deserving project indeed. – Operations Manager

Vac Trucks have been working on several water hauls, hydrovac work, carbon recovery and everyday scheduled services. They will be wrapping up September with 4 vac trucks on an emergency assist for a customer to help get them back online. If most don’t know when this plant goes down, they aren’t producing gold, which costs the client over $150k an hour. We have had a lot of emergency calls to get trucks and crews to site to assist them.

Specialty Services would like to welcome our new manager of portable toilets and roll-offs. With her assistance, we will get this group running even smoother and searching for new customers to add.

Transportation is running 4 trucks-24hrs haul, a water haul requiring the 8k trailers for AZ pipeline 2 trucks 24/7 and have also picked up a water haul at a pond running 2 trucks - 6 days a week. The acid group welcomed 2 new hires bringing the total trucks running to 3 days, 3 nights, 24/7. Transportation has been moving sewage, potable water, equipment and frac tanks for an oil rig in Ruby Valley.

Nevada would like to welcome a new team member! She is our HSE Coordinator and will be working with Safety on the admin side, so that others can focus more of her time in the field and providing our team with more hands-on training/coaching. 

We really appreciate the hard work, effort, and dedication our Nevada team puts in every day to keep taking this area to new levels. The sky is the limit! – Regional Director of Nevada & MOB, Operations Manager

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