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Insulation has received a lot of compliments for their efforts on a large scope of work Idaho. The crew identified a major issue in ducting quality, alerted the customer and saved them a lot of downtime.

The Mechanical group completed a large stainless steel piping project in Winnemucca, NV. They executed the work while pushing through some major challenges and adverse weather conditions. The leadership team onsite stepped up to truly lead when it was crucial for the success of the project.

Painting & Coatings has stayed very busy, adding a few more members to the team in order to better serve their clients and bring the projects in before winter.

Specialty Services has maintained their bustling schedule, serving many clients each month, and always maintaining very clean and orderly portable toilets.

We have worked a lot of hours this past month, and we are extremely grateful for our team and the efforts each member of that team puts forth daily, none of this is possible without this REDI TEAM! We Are REDI! -Area Manager

Front Range

The Insulation department completed a successful demo of both Hydro blasting and Ice blasting for a large customer in Golden. Thanks to the crew from Nevada for all of their help.

Specialty Services continues to stay busy and is excited to see growth and new orders each day. The Construction group had several small projects, and some larger ones had a great month overall. Hydrovac & Trucking had a busy month. Our Operator has been busy digging post holes for a customer at the first of three dairies, potholing for a pipeline company and cleaning sand traps.

Western Slope

Rifle has almost completed a big job that included cleaning, inspecting, repairing and painting a 80,000 barrel tank. This job was very physically demanding, as temps inside the tank rose to 125 degrees. Luckily, the crew was able to start working nights.

Specialty Services has 650+ portable toilets in the field, keeping all 5 drivers busy on their daily routes. They also set our VIP units for The Wine Festival in Snowmass and a special event at the Fair Grounds.

The Trucking department picked up some more production water hauling and septic work for the rigs.

A test run with 4 trucks/vac trailers for a mining client’s copper concentrate haul proved successful, so the project is ramping up. The Dredge was awarded 2 jobs, carrying into winter work. Nevada is adding a Painting & Coatings department, which has already been awarded some large jobs.

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