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Oilfield Clean Energy Solutions

Oilfield Clean Energy Solutions

Johnstown, CO / August 29, 2016 / Oilfield Clean Energy  Solutions, Inc. ("OFCES®") and Redi Services, LLC  ("Redi") have received a permit from the Town of Platteville, CO  for OFCES® to assemble and conduct the first public demonstration of its  Phoenix Pyrolytic Technology® on property leased to Redi.

Phoenix Pyrolytic® is a proprietary development of OFCES®, a  company also known as the "Ecological Engineers®"

Tom Lewis, OFCES® CEO stated, "We are pleased  to have the cooperation and sponsorship of Redi Services because of their  dynamic presence in the Colorado oil and gas industry.   Both of  our companies are committed to creating oilfield industry efficiencies, cost  savings, and a cleaner environment.  This public demonstration of our  technology in Platteville is a significant milestone in our progress."

Jay Anderson, Redi CFO noted, "OFCES® has a very  exciting business model.  Redi Services looks forward to being a solid  business partner in your forward progress."

About Phoenix Pyrolytic Technology®

OFCES® engineered the Phoenix Pyrolytic Technology®   to eliminate all undesirable atmospheric, liquid, particulate emissions,  and other waste byproducts associated with production at oil and natural gas  well sites. The system also substantially reduces owner/operator operating  costs and eliminates the risk of regulatory fines and penalties for illegal  emissions and discharges while delivering all of the benefits of a reduced  "carbon footprint" status. For more information go to:

About Oilfield Clean Energy Solutions, Inc.

Oilfield Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. is a closely held Nevada  corporation, formed as a vehicle for Ecological Engineering® to reduce oil  field and gas field operator costs, improve operating economics and eliminate  emissions and waste byproducts thereby reducing the carbon footprint of  operating oil and natural gas well sites. For more information go to:

About Redi Services, LLC

Redi is a comprehensive plant and facility maintenance,  general construction, and services support organization serving both Open  Shop and Union affiliated organizations. Founded in 2005, Redi's initial  offerings in southwest Wyoming included insulation, painting and hydro  excavation.  In intervening years Redi opened offices and facilities in  Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Idaho and Kansas.  Their services and  business lines grew into industrial services, automation and controls, fire  suppression, facility construction, pressure safety valve testing, waste  management, well hook-ups and much more. For more information go to:

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