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Planning Tips for Moving Heavy Construction Equipment

Planning Tips for Moving Heavy Construction Equipment

There are several forms of movement or transportation that are often utilized within the world of industrial construction, and moving heavy equipment is a common example here. Whether equipment is being moved within a given construction site, between sites or even over much larger distances, proper preparation for these processes is important.

At Redi, we're proud to offer high-quality industrial construction services for clients around Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada, including options like heavy haul trucking and several others that relate to movement of heavy equipment. Here are some of the key factors to be evaluating when planning for heavy equipment transport of any kind, plus some tips for these kinds of needs.

Inventory and Equipment Being Moved

Naturally, one of the first steps here is to fully inventory the heavy equipment you're needing to transport, as well as any other pieces of machinery or supplies that are part of the task. This will help identify special needs such as weight, size and type for each item being moved.

For some projects, this task will be quite simple - only a few specific pieces of equipment. In other cases, though, the list could be much more involved, with a range of items and various sizes and weights to consider.

Movement Location

One of the facets of heavy equipment movement that can vary most widely is the location - are you simply moving items between two sites on a job, or do these need to go much farther? This can have an impact both in terms of timing for transport and equipment needs that may vary based on distance.

In some cases, transport needs may be as simple as moving certain equipment within a given site. This may involve a crane, forklift or other types of machines to help with the process.

In other cases, though, transport may need to take place over much larger distances - this could be within the same state, multiple states or even across borders. This is where specialized services and equipment can come into play for heavier loads, from heavy haul trucking options to semi-trailers and more.

Timing Considerations

Another important factor is the timing for these projects - and this can involve more than simply transporting items between two points. If you're working with a project that involves multiple sites, it's important to have a timeline in place to ensure that equipment is at each job site as needed, instead of having any kind of delays due to transportation.

For larger projects or those with special needs, this is an area where having experienced professionals on hand can be particularly important. They can help create a timeline for the project that takes into account transportation needs, as well as any other details like weather or road conditions that could affect the task.

Preparing for Heavy Equipment Transport

It's important to also do a few steps of preparation as you're getting ready to move these items. Here are some ideas for this, depending on the specifics of your needs:

  • Securely tie down larger pieces, and use lifting slings or other equipment to securely position pieces in the truck
  • Double-check weight load requirements for any trucks being used
  • Make sure to have insurance coverage ready for transport, as well as appropriate permits
  • Consider any special equipment needs that may be part of the project, such as cranes or forklifts

Safety Concepts

No matter what type of project you're working on, safety should always be the top priority. This is particularly true for heavy equipment transport or any kind of machinery movement, as there are greater risks associated with these tasks.

For instance, you should always ensure that all workers involved in these projects have the necessary training, along with protective equipment as needed. This can include safety vests, hard hats and other gear. It's also important to evaluate potential hazards like traffic or weather conditions that could impact the project.

Overall, proper preparation for heavy equipment transport is an essential part of industrial construction projects of any kind. With the right plan, you can ensure that your project goes off without a hitch - and at Redi, we're proud to provide transportation services across Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada for any of these needs. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about our heavy haul trucking options or any other project needs you may have.

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