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Proactive Safety Efforts

Proactive Safety Efforts

Recently we at Redi made a strategic decision to label items once described as “near misses” to “good catches”.  Hence, within Redi, we now track and discuss good catches in our safety meetings and planning sessions.  This name change has engendered what we view as a positive event within Redi with more good catches coming forward to our attention.

Recently one of our Colorado safety coordinators participated in an annual contractor safety meeting sponsored by Chevron wherein Redi was asked to take 30 minutes and discuss this name change and its impact on Redi’s safety culture.  Further, the presentation took nearly an hour with all the myriad of question asked about this change from the Chevron safety personnel and other contractors attending the meeting.   To say the least it was well received by Chevron.

Chet Murray had the opportunity to speak on behalf of Redi Service, at the annual CHESM forum in Rangeley Colorado, on our newly improved “Good Catch” reporting.  The bases of my presentation was to change the old way of thinking that “Near Misses” are a bad thing within our work force.  In 2012 we were able to identify a 4 year downward trend in our “Near Miss” reporting.  With great effort and the help of our work force we came up with the new catch phrase “Good Catch” to replace the old term “Near Miss.”  The reason for the improved name change was the negative connotation that the “Near Miss” brings with it. says a Near Miss= is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so.  Our work force look at it as Tattle-tale system with a negative impact when in fact we actually treat it as a positive.  To change the way of thinking within our work force the new term “Good Catch” brings out the positive side of our reporting.   Yahoo answers says Good Catch= it means you found a loop hole or fault in their system which they didn't realize existed.  Not only does the name sound positive but also the mean behind it.   To help with the positive reinforcement employees are thanked and given praise for the positive efforts they have brought forward and never given any negative feedback.

Within just one year of our name change we were able to see a major improvement in our reporting.  In 2013 Redi services turned the downward trend to a halt and improved our reporting by a 15% increase from 2012.  With the vast improvement in Redi Services “Good Catch” reporting we were able to have SAFEST year in Redi History.  In 2014 we have continued to make improvements to our new culture and have seen similar reporting trends as in 2013.

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