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Recognition of Achievement and Professional Excellence Lance Norris -- Recipient of Rising Stars of Safety Award

Recognition of Achievement and Professional Excellence Lance Norris -- Recipient of Rising Stars of Safety Award

To Our Redi Friends and Supporters

We at Redi place strong importance on fostering and driving a robust safety culture.  Company leadership plays a significant role in establishing, maintaining and improving the safety culture and results of any organization.  We at Redi are fortunate to have a safety director that is leading the charge in our efforts to be safe in all that we do.

To that end, I am most excited and delighted to give a well-deserved shout out to our own Lance Norris for an outstanding recognition by a national organization in the area of safety excellence.   Lance has served as our Safety Director for several years.  His outstanding leadership and guidance in the area of safety management and culture enhancement has been a key factor in the critical area of safety performance.

On September 25, 2020 the National Safety Council (NSC) presented its prestigious Rising Stars of Safety Award to our very own  Safety Director, Lance Norris, in recognition for his significant accomplishments in fostering a strong safety culture within our firm.  This is a big deal and an exciting achievement, and one that we acknowledge represents the best of Redi’s focus on excellence in our job performance.   Way to go Lance!

The National Safety Council’s Rising Stars of Safety Award recognizes safety professionals under 40 who show dedication to safety leadership at work and in their safety leadership roles. Visit for additional information about the National Safety Council Awards.   Lance’s recognition can be found in the October editions of the National Safety Council’s magazine, Safety + Health or by following this link:

Lance’s proactive safety leadership has benefited our firm in a variety of ways for an extended period of time.  As part of our learning culture, Lance set out to identify organizational challenges that were hindering our safety success. One area that Lance sought to improve is how we undertake new employee orientation and safety training.   Historically, all new employee orientations were done in person by safety technicians. This method had inconsistencies from one instructor to the next.

Another organization challenge was building and maintaining a safety culture across 13 different office locations and six different states.  This further challenged the way to facilitate a consistent training approach. Lance led the charge in implementing an online learning management system (LMS).  Since implementing an LMS, our five-year average OSHA total recordable incident rate has dropped 61%. The LMS delivers consistent communications and expectations to employees, no matter where they start within the company.

The NSC is a mission-based organization, focused on eliminating the leading causes of preventable death and injury in the workplace. Redi has been a strong supporter and participant in utilizing NSC guidelines and work place safety improvements.

As a company, we are delighted that the NSC has recognized the many efforts and accomplishments undertaken by Lance in driving a robust safety culture within the Redi organization.  This is a well-deserved recognition given to a truly outstanding leader in our company.  Feel free to give Lance a virtual “high five” for a job well done.

Thank you for letting me share this impressive accomplishment with you.

With deep regards,

Jay Anderson


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