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Redi News December 2012

Redi News December 2012

During the holiday season, we often take time to reflect on the happenings of the previous year and take account of the blessings we have enjoyed.  Although things in this nation are not perfect, when compared to other places on the planet, we are definitely blessed to live where we do.  If you feel blessed this holiday season and find yourself in a situation where you are able to help others, we have discovered an organization that is worthy of your consideration.

Jeff Nelson, our controller, and his wife Faith have adopted two children from an orphanage in Haiti.  This orphanage houses nearly 200 needy children in Haiti who were saved from living on the streets.  This orphanage is in the final stages of constructing a building that will be able to house all of the children under their care.  Faith and their two oldest children traveled to Haiti in 2009, the year before the earthquake, and personally assisted with the construction of this edifice.  They can vouch that this place exists and is near completion.  As all of the board members of Foyer de Sion are volunteers, all donations will go directly to complete the construction of this orphanage or for the care of the orphans in their care.

As an incentive to assist with the completion of this orphanage, Redi Services, will match every donation that is contributed by its employees up to $2,000.   If inclined to do so, please send all donations to the Redi Lyman office on or before December 15th.  If you would like a receipt for your donation, please let us know your name and address with your contribution.  All contributions are tax deductible as Foyer de Sion is a 501c(3) organization.  Checks should be written to Foyer de Sion.  Additional information is below.

One of the greatest blessings we enjoy is the ability to work with good people like you.  We appreciate your attention to safety and quality and want to send you a sincere heartfelt thank you.   Please safely enjoy this holiday season.


Gary Condos and

Jay Anderson


Background of Foyer De Sion:

In 1999, Guesno and Majorie Mardy felt compelled to improve the lives of the Haitian street children they saw on a daily basis. These forgotten kids were in desperate need of nutrition, shelter and love. Having only Guesno’s income from driving a taxi, they decided to take in 17 Haitian children — and Foyer de Sion orphanage was born.

With thousands of needy children still on the street, the Mardys' act made a relatively small difference. Saving all of Haiti’s children looms like an insurmountable feat, yet the Mardys believe in the butterfly effect — that somehow their act of hope will ripple out into the world, gaining momentum, and helping more children.

This rippling of hope has reached over 250 Haitian children to date — feeding them, protecting them, and finding them loving families.

Jeff and I became acquainted with Foyer 7 years ago when we adopted our two youngest children. (see picture to the left) I was so impressed and inspired by the Mardy’s that I have made 9 trips into the country to help do volunteer work for them.

Housing children in Haiti is an ongoing difficulty.  At present, Foyer de Sion is comprised of three rented buildings in Haiti.  Guesno and Majorie Mardy are forced to turn away desperate children daily because they do not have adequate space or means to care for additional children. In 2004, the process of building a facility large enough to house all of the children in one location started with the ground breaking of the site in the countryside near Croix du Bouquet.  In 2009 I brought in a group of people to assist with the construction of the building.  To the right is a picture of me setting a cinder block. Having

their own facility will not only provide significant cost savings, but will also allow them to better care for the physical, emotional, social, medical and educational needs of the children.

As I have spent time in Haiti, I have come to realize just how important this orphanage would be to the children. Our adopted daughter Fabienne, when she was first admitted into the orphanage had orange hair because there was not enough nutrition in her body to produce color pigment into her hair or to heal the scars that she had on her legs from the measles. Our adopted son, Jean, was sick the entire year it took us to adopt him.With resources being so limited the orphanage was not able to buy him the lactose free formula he needed. When we brought him home at 14 months old he weighed just 12lbs.  Both children are now thriving and very happyy in our home and bring us much joy.  On another trip to Haiti I had the opportunity to help a little girl who was living at a nanny’s house because there was no room for her at the orphanage. She was 6 months old and couldn’t have weighted more than 5lbs. Her forearm was the size of my finger. (see the picture)

Her mouth was so little it couldn’t fit around the nipple of a regular bottle. The nanny was trying to feed her but this little girl would just throw up everything that was put into her little body. I had the opportunity to go into the Haiti and take care of this baby girl for a week. By the end of the week she was finally drinking out of a bottle and able to keep it down.  She has been adopted in the U.S. and is doing well now.  I know that this orphanage will not only make a difference in the children’s life’s there but it will also save many of their lives.

The orphanage is in the final stages of completion but is still in need of some windows, doors and a few other items.  We have set a goal to try and raise $4,000 to help with the completion.  We will appreciate any help we can get to attain this goal.  In 2009, I took our 2 oldest children into Haiti and we worked on building this orphanage. We would like to see the completion of this building occur in the first quarter of 2013 if possible.  Our family has a love and appreciation for the Mardy family and Guesno is a hero in the lives of my children, for all that he gives up to help the lives of the children in his care. If you can afford it, please help us by raising enough money to help get these children into a better environment. Any amount would be appreciated and will directly go to purchase the necessary supplies to continue the progress of this building.  All members of the board of directors are volunteers, likewise all stateside helpers like myself also freely give of our time and substance to assist with this cause.  Nobody is getting wealthy on this endeavor, but I have witnessed children’s lives being saved, family bonds being created, and children are receiving love, shelter, food and an education.  If you would like more information on Foyer de Sion you can call me at 307-747-3033 or visit the Foyer web site at:  This web site has some updated pictures of the orphanage.


Thank You,

Faith Nelson

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