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Redi News July 2013

Redi News July 2013

Redi Services, LLC

Organizational Announcements

July 2013

Effective July 1, 2013 there will be several organizational changes that we wish to convey and communicate to the Redi team.  These changes include the following:

Formation of Estimation/Project Management Department (Department Number 230)

Effective July 1st Justin Aimone will be assigned a new position in the company.  Justin will head up a newly formed department that will coordinate estimation and large project management.  As Manager Of Projects Justin will be primarily focusing on project estimating and assisting with other department managers in the successful performance of mulit-department projects.  While Justin has over the years performed these tasks to a limited degree, it was felt that the company has grown to the point that there were efficiencies to be gained by formalizing this important role for Justin.  We envision Justin continuing his strong involvement in large projects that involve multiple departments within Wyoming and expanding companywide.

With the establishment of this new department we are transferring Sim Aimone and Sam Morton into the Estimation/Project Management department (Department 230) with Justin as their direct supervisor.  Sim will function as a site project manager, with initial responsibilities for the Ryckman Creek project.  Sam Morton will continue in his estimation role.  Attached is an overview on this new department, its objectives and how it will work within the Redi business model.


Ben Kemp Assignment over Department 130

Effective July 1st Ben Kemp will be assigned as the mechanical manager for Department 130.  This is a new role for Ben, who has been serving as the firm’s DOT director in the Lyman office safety department.  Ben will be responsible for several mechanical crews and in moving this facet of the business forward.


Formation of Pinedale Field Services Department (Department 330)

Effective July 1st the company will establish a new department (number 330) to capture the activities associated with the well hookup crews that have for years been deployed for QEP in the Pinedale area.  Sergio Saenz has served well as our Redi field supervisor to the crews performing this ongoing work.  Sergio will continue in this important field service activity for QEP.  What will also change effective July 1, 2013 is that Sergio and his crews will now be joining with Luke Brown and our Pinedale team.  Luke will serve as the area manager over this operation.

Several other company activities and efforts have been recently undertaken that we thought might also be informative for our Redi team members to be aware of.  They are noted below.


Establishment of a Williston, North Dakota Shop Facility

Recently Redi was successful in obtaining a shop and facility in Williston.  Western North Dakota continues to experience strong and robust market activity levels.  It was determined that having a facility in Williston will enable Redi to capture more market shares in an efficient manner in the Bakken Field.  The implementation of a Williston location will complement our existing shop and office facility in Minot, North Dakota.  We took over the Williston facility in early June.


Establishment of Odessa, Texas Shop/Facility

Redi established a presence in West Texas in early June.  As was announced earlier, Joel Wiedrich was transferred to West Texas to head up our operations.  Redi will initially be providing hydro excavation and insulation services and will expand our market lines as we progress.  We are happy to report that our Texas operations had secured a variety of work opportunities and commitments that will add value to the company’s forward progress.  The Permian Basin of West Texas is one of the most active plays in the lower 48 with over 400 drilling rigs in operation.


Payroll Payment Moving to Friday

In connection with the utilization of a payroll service company to meet the ever expanding and complicated matters dealing with payroll administration, Redi Services will be moving its pay day to Friday from Thursday.  This will take place by the end of July 2013.  Currently those company employees paid via electronic payments had their paycheck amount electronically posted into their accounts on Thursday.  However, utilization of the 3rd party service will necessitate the posting of paycheck monies electronic on Fridays.  For those paid via a paper check, the checks will be mailed from Salt Lake City, Utah on Fridays.  Redi Services is unable to predict when paper checks will arrive at the designated address of the company employee.  We are left to the vagaries of the US Postal system.


Summary Overview of

Estimation/Project Management

Roles and Tasks

Commencing July 2013 Redi Services will initiate a separate Estimation/Project Management Department.  Justin Aimone will head up this department.  Outlined below is more information associated with this initiative.

Purpose: To establish a single point of contact for Redi mangers, clients, administrative personnel for estimating or bidding projects when a single point of contact is needed or most optimal.  This single point establishment can not only be utilized for new construction, but has application for large, multi-departmental craft turnarounds.

Benefits: Establishment of this department should improve our bidding process as we will be consistent in our bidding process, increase bidding knowledge and insights, and enable the firm to be timely in meeting bid deadlines.  This centralized approach should also help in minimizing errors and omission of key bid projections.

Major Tasks:

  • Analyze prices and simplify the bidding process and approach.
  • Assist with bids, estimates, take offs, and quotes in an organized and prioritized manner.
  • Receive, analyze and process completed bids/quotes.  Ensure accurate understanding of the bid specifications with the client.  Make timely submission of the bid to the bid originator.
  • Evaluate incoming or potential bids to determine the feasibility and profitability of pursuing the bid/quote; where appropriate make the decision to decline to bid.
  • Develop a network and data sources to pursue larger projects.
  • Assist Redi managers in optimizing their time to focus more on managing their employees/resources/department and less time processing bids/quotes that could be best done by the Estimating/Project Management team.
  • Facilitate coordination between the business development team and department managers in evaluating the cost/benefits of potential work or job opportunities.

Important Considerations:

  • This department will start small and grow as the need and capabilities of the company dictate.
  • Initially this department will be headed by Justin Aimone and will have Sam Morton and Sim Aimone as team members.
  • Redi department managerial involvement will continue in the overall conduct of the estimation and project management process.  This will be a key element in making this department successful and in optimizing Redi’s business model.
  • Open communication and fostering a team attitude critical to make this change optimal.  Justin and department managers will continue to engage in frequent, robust communications so that optimal delivery results occur on each job the company engages in.
  • Once the bid is secured work with the appropriate department manager in carrying out the site work activity.  Justin will continue the model of working closely with the applicable department managers and will serve as a resource for the safe and efficient delivery of Redi’s services.
  • This department will start with projects in Wyoming and then branch out as needs and opportunities present themselves.
  • Communicate with area managers and other pertinent sources regarding job/bid walks and the status of a bid/quote process/status.
  • Keep a list of bids submitted and those won.  Further, develop a communication process to inform Redi management and others as to bid status, upcoming projects and other critical informational items.

How does the implementation of this new department differ from our current process?

  • Project management of large projects involving multiple departments has been challenging for the company.  Placing single stewardship with one department is intended to produce a better construction effort, with improved margins while ensuring robust safety sensitivity in our job deployment.
  • Many of the administrative tasks associated with running the mechanical department (department 130) that Justin Aimone previously was performing will be parceled out to others in the company.  This will free up Justin to focus primarily on estimating, project management and actively seeking additional projects.  It is not uncommon to have a department or manager obtain a large project and then get so involved in the management of that project that he is unable to seek a replacement project to the one he is actively involved with.  Justin can provide that constant focus on marketing and seeking upcoming project opportunities.
  • We see no changes as to how the Rifle, Colorado office handles the construction projects that it has historically pursued.  Justin will continue to be a resource and help, as requested by the Rifle civil group, in their project estimation and site construction management.
  • Depending on how this department evolves, we envision the development of a talented, experienced core of construction supervisors.  Currently our depth in this type of skilled and uniquely talented type individual is limited.  While we build a bench of competent site construction or large project managers, Justin can assist in being a resource in ensuring and delivering a quality construction product to our clients.

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