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Redi Services 2013 Safety Achievment

Redi Services 2013 Safety Achievment

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Its Best and Safest Year in 2013

Redi Services, LLC (“Redi”) is extremely pleased and most excited to announce that 2013 was our safest year in company history.  Using the industrial safety index of Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) we are most pleased to announce that Redi’s 2013 TRIR was 0.80, against the backdrop of nearly one million man hours worked!

Our 2013 TRIR is 41% lower than our 2012 TRIR!  In our industry the average TRIR is 1.3.  Redi’s noteworthy accomplishment was made possible by the comprehensive and concerted efforts of our entire Redi team.  We are pleased at the safety culture that has been fostered over many years.  No one program or procedure accounted for this outstanding 2013 safety achievement. It really is a result of all Redi employees bringing their safety “A game” on each day for each job deployment.  However, a few items are noteworthy in regards to our 2013 safety focus that may have positively contributed to our safety results:

  • Near Miss Reporting:  During 2013 Redi evaluated Near Miss Reporting. When employees where asked why they do not report Near Misses more frequently they responded that they felt like it was a tattle-tale system. Redi now refers to a Near Miss as a Good Catch. The name change has a more positive connotation which helped Redi improve Near Miss Reporting by 15% in 2013 over 2012.
  • Increased Field Visits:  Not only did we see an increase in field visits by our safety professionals, but a strong focus by our operations management and senior executives. In 2013 Redi had 4 times more field visits than in 2012.
  • Strong Buy-In By Field Management:  Fostering a robust safety culture starts at the senior management level and then permeates to the field leadership.  We at Redi continue to strive for alignment at all levels of management and supervision on the critical importance of enhancing our safety culture.
  • Expanded Pre-Screening:  Redi has adopted the process of performing MVR analysis on all employee applicants to ensure that those assigned company vehicles have an acceptable demonstrated driving record.  While we have utilized this approach in the past, in 2013 we made it a consistent effort in our hiring process companywide.
  • Added JSA Emphasis:  Through safety meetings and new hire training, Redi increased the emphasis on the importance of JSAs (Job Safety Analysis). This proved beneficial, resulting in a significant increase in the number of JSAs completed – 2013 was 6 times higher than 2012. In addition, there was a 20% increase in Quality (Redi’s highest grade) JSAs in 2013 over 2012.
  • Holliday Safety Initiative:  Redi again made a concerted effort to expand the focus on safety sensitivity during the challenging 4th quarter.  Historically the firm has been challenged in avoiding incidents during the latter time of the year.  Changes in seasons, adverse road conditions, personal pressures with the holidays, and other distractions have had the effect of increasing our safety incidents.  The company undertook an initiative that enabled employees to win an all-expense paid cruise by their leading a safety meeting or by increasing their job safety observations (JSOs).  The initiative engendered increased awareness by our field team.

While we are pleased with our 2013 results, we at Redi have our sights set on the ultimate goal: NO SAFETY INCIDENTS!  We can never let up in our efforts to ensure that our safety culture is universally understood and applied.  We appreciate the assistance and support of our clients and our outstanding employees in our ongoing efforts to achieve continued safety excellence. Because safety is a journey and not a destination, Redi is committed to continue driving positive results in 2014 and beyond.

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