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Redi Services, LLC New Service Line

Redi Services, LLC New Service Line

Redi Services, LLC (“Redi”) is most pleased and excited to announce the implementation of a new service line (fiber optics.) that we are rolling out. This advent marks another important step in Redi’s efforts to become a one-call, one-stop service provider in the industrial services markets.

Redi has available to our clients and industries, the capability and resources to provide comprehensive services associated with fiber optics systems.  Redi now has the ability to provide the following services in regards to fiber optics systems:

  • Installation of new systems.
  • System performance verification
  • Troubleshoot and diagnostics
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Acquisition assessments verification of reliability
  • Splicing and terminating lines

There is strong synergy for our clients to have Redi leverage the implementation of a fiber options line in concert with our other technical service business lines.  With this Fiber Optic business line addition, Redi has realigned its technical trades (Electrical, HVAC, Building Automation Controls (BAC), and its new addition Fiber Optics) into a new service division.  With these organizational enhancements Redi is better able to meet our clients ad hoc as well as ongoing client needs more efficiently. This new division is Redi Services Technical Trades. This effort is headed up by Kyle Condos, Director of Technical Trades.  Kyle and his team of credentialed technicians are able to develop, procure and execute integrated solutions in a value added manner.

These are exciting developments for Redi!  Kyle is happy to address any questions about the specific capabilities and resources of our fiber optics line and how we can best meet the needs of our clients.  Feel free to contact Kyle at 307.747.7214 or

Thank you for your interest Redi!

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