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Redi Services News Article

Redi Services News Article

Redi Services was featured in the Uinta County Herald’s March 25th 2016 addition. In the Forward Industry section, Redi’s comment to safety and growth were the main topics featured in the article. Thanks to Jay Anderson, and Zac Zdanowicz of the Uinta County Herald for this great piece.

By Zac Zdanowicz

Herald Sports Editor

LYMAN — Incorporated in 2005 and one of the safest and most versatile industrial companies in Wyoming, Redi Services has grown tremendously since its inception.

Established through an asset purchase by owners Jay Anderson and Gary Condos in September, 2005, the company grew from just 70 employees, to now around 430.

Not only did it grow in number, but since the original business was solely set in Lyman in 2005, the company has grown geographically and stretched out to Elko, Nevada; three Colorado offices; Salt Lake City; Odessa, Texas; and most recently — in 2015 — to Garden City, Kansas, to serve western Kansas and Oklahoma.

Redi Services employs around 35-50 people from Evanston, according to Anderson. It is a general industrial service company that has grown to offer multiple services.

The company provides a variety of services utilized in oil and gas operations, refineries, power plants, pipelines, gas plants and compressor stations.

Redi Services is one of the best in the business when it comes to keeping conditions safe in a hazardous work environment.

“We have a great team,” Anderson said. “The men and women of Redi are a special and wonderful group of folks, just outstanding individuals.”

In 2015, their total recordable incident rate (TRIR) was just 0.2 and against a million man-hours of work they had just one small recordable incident. Anderson said it was the company’s safest year ever.

“We have a phenomenal safety culture,” he said. “We put a lot of attention and focus on delivering a safe product and we spend a lot of time training our personnel with safety planning and making sure we are DOT compliant. Redi is a very safety-focused company and one of the leading safety cultures in the industry.”

Just as impressive, over the past three years they have averaged a 0.693 TRIR.

According to the United States Department of Labor in 2014, the average incident rate for all industries, including state and local government for a company the size of Redi Services, was 3.7.

When the company first started, it was primarily an insulation company with some painting and coating, but it has branched out to well beyond that.

Their services now include a huge list and consists of, but are not limited to, such services as electricians, overall maintenance, hydro excavation, industrial painting and coatings, controls automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, truck transportation services and safety valve testing.

Redi Services has built business relationships and has service contracts with a variety of large companies in Wyoming including Exxon, Chevron, Anadarko, Merit, and the Rykman Creek and Carter Creek plants.

While some of Redi’s revenue comes from oil and gas companies, which have been slow in Wyoming, it does rely heavily on overall maintenance of those plants to keep them thriving, something that should remain unchanged, Anderson said.

He said he is hoping to continue services with the next owners of plants that will be sold in western Wyoming.

“Carter Creek, Labarge Creek and the Granger properties are major operations and the successive owner will still have to be doing something on a frequent basis to maintain safe operations,” Anderson said. “We hope that we can continue on with the successor in a similar mode.”

It is hard for the company during the grueling winters of Wyoming, but a substantial part of its revenue comes from maintenance projects, which will continue throughout the year and pick up more when they get into the fall season, according to Anderson.

Next on the horizon, Anderson said Redi Services will be rolling out a state-of-the-art control and automation service line.

“We think it has phenomenal potential opportunity in the market place. It is a control system that minimizes the ability of cyber attacks against it,” Anderson said. He said the company is hoping to have that ready in the coming months.

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