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Redi Services Receives Awards from Chevron July 2013

Redi Services Receives Awards from Chevron July 2013

Redi Services received 2 awards from Chevron in July.

The 1st award was for "Outstanding Workmanship and Diversity"

These crews were brought to CCGP to execute various projects including multiple tank inspections, coating and repairs. These crews demonstrated their commitment to" Always" while working on these tank jobs. Their outstanding performance and dedication  to the "Chevron Way" helps tremendously in achieving our goals in OE and fFO. They always conducted quality JSA's and communicated with all parties involved. All the projects that these crews were involved  in were completed without any recordable incidents. I feel that Chevron, and Redi Services are on the same page when it comes to safety and safe work practices. They have been willing to adhere to our policies and procedures  and in some cases go above and beyond. All these crews are very diverse in their willingness to work alongside competitor companies. Chevron would  like to thank these crews for the value they add to our company in achieving our goals.

Outstanding Workmanship and Diversity for Redi Services - Pedro Ibarra, Efrain Ibarra,  Alfredo Valazquez, Rozendo Resa, Artemio

Hernandez, Edi Ibarra, Manuel Hernandez, Javier Gomez, Adolfo Ayala, Andres Castillo, Evarardo Palma,Javier Salas, Jose Carillo, Rigoberto Sabedra

The 2nd award was for "Most Improved Crew"

This crew has consistently demonstrated their commitment to HES while working on Chevron jobs. Their outstanding performance only reinforces that safety, quality and efficiency can be accomplished by working together. Throughout 2012 Redi Services at TRGP has significantly increased the quality oftheir PTW and JSA's.   Every suggestion to increase quality has been met with enthusiasm and welcomed by the crew.  Redi Services Crews do excellent work on a day after day basis at TRGP. Their JSA's  and PTW's are consistently excellent. The on- site supervision is responsive and proactive. The company safety program is among the best in the area, with good buy-in from the owners. This results in adoption company wide, of safety initiatives such as bed-nets, improved procedures from any incidents or near misses. There is a continual demonstration of working to improve safety for themselves and those around them.

‍From left to right Edi Ibarra, Javier Gomez, Chris Patterson, Jesus Hernandez, Mark McKulley

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