Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance is essential for your business. Whether you need preventive maintenance to keep your facilities running optimally or you discover something that needs repair, our team at Redi Services can help.

Maintenance Capabilities

Redi Services provides a wide range of maintenance support services to a diverse clientele in several industries. Our team is capable of providing services that range from short-term to mid- and long-term maintenance contracts. We have a full range of skills, including:

  • Electricians
  • Insulators
  • Hydroblasters
  • Scaffold builders
  • Clerical staff

We can help you maintain your facilities and get repairs done when you encounter the unexpected.

Facility Operation

In addition to our basic maintenance service, we also offer advanced facility operations maintenance for large gas plants, mining operations, and process facilities through the Intermountain West, Southwest, and Midwest southern states in our regional service area.

Our goal is to offer value-added service to your facility to help you with staffing, coordinating, and managing a wide range of services that are required to keep your operations running optimally and increase efficiency within your company. We specialize in streamlining invoicing and other services that have a direct and tangible benefit on your operations.


Redi Services can also help meet your staffing needs. We currently have employees available to work in both field and plant operations. We deploy a wide range of pumpers and specialists to help your team. They report directly to you for all operational work, and we manage their time, invoicing and benefits package so you don’t need to worry about all that paperwork. Our goal is to keep your team and your operations fully staffed while helping you avoid the hassles of hiring.

Specialty Capabilities

Our crews are highly trained both in their trades and in their safety training. We offer safety training in Safeland, H2S, MSHA, OSHA,HAZWOPER and more to all of our employees who are available for work at your site. We make sure all training is completed in advance so you only have to make a single call to our team and we can immediately meet site, client and regulatory agency requirements. That includes specialty services.

Shutdown / Turnaround Capabilities

Redi Services is experienced in performing shutdown and turnaround projects, as well as working as a subcontractor to large general contractors. We have performed planned TARs that range from 30 to 50 employees per shift, as well as unexpected last-minute downs that help you get all your assets back up and running.

Nitrogen, Engineering and NDT Services

We are affiliated with Redi Pumping (Nitrogen Services) and Redi Inspections (NDT Services) and can help you with all types of nitrogen, engineering, and NDT services. Our skilled team and long history of experience in these areas allows us to handle a variety of service lines and inspections.

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