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Themes and Steps Involved in Nevada Construction Estimates

Themes and Steps Involved in Nevada Construction Estimates

There are a few important themes to cover during the early parts of any major industrial construction project, and one of these that's most vital is the cost. This is typically done through a process of cost estimates that are generated by contractors and approved by clients, and knowing how this process works is often very helpful to the success of your project.

At Redi, we're happy to offer a huge variety of industrial construction services to Nevada clients, from setup to teardown and everything in between - and we'll walk you through the cost estimate and agreement process for any job we're helping you complete. Here are some of the key elements of this process to be aware of, from simple definitions to some of the typical steps that will be taken in arriving at cost estimates for any job.

Basics on Construction Cost Estimations and Cost Types

For those who are new to the process, the realm of construction cost estimation includes several different components of a given project. Labor, permits, materials, fixtures, and other elements all factor into the cost estimation process. Depending on the job at hand, you'll want to make sure that you're aware of all of these components before diving into a construction project.

From a broad standpoint, there are two types of construction costs to consider:

  • Direct costs: All costs that speak to the work being done directly, such as equipment and labor costs. This area will also include any subcontractors, materials, and other elements required for the job to be done properly.
  • Indirect costs: These are administrative costs associated with any given project, such as insurance, office space or rent, taxes, legal counsel, and so on. These indirect costs can often add up quickly and should be considered in your overall budgeting process.

Estimation Document

In most situations, clients for a given industrial construction project will provide their contractor with some basic information - and then will receive an estimation document with some crucial details. This document should include an overview of the project, a timeline for completion, cost estimates broken down by both labor and materials, and any other relevant information.

The client will then review this documentation and approve it, resulting in the contractor being able to proceed with the job. This process often involves multiple revisions and changes, and it's important to make sure that both parties are in agreement before any work begins.

Major Value of Cost Estimates

Cost estimates are valuable for several reasons, including a few you may not have considered:

  • Meeting client budget: Naturally, one of the most important goals of any industrial construction project is staying on budget and delivering the best possible results in a timely fashion. Cost estimation documents help ensure that clients know precisely how much their project will cost, enabling them to plan accordingly.
  • Reducing overall risks: By understanding the scope and cost of a given project from the outset, contractors can help mitigate any potential risks associated with the job. With an accurate cost estimation document, clients and contractors can both be better prepared for any surprises that may come up during the course of the job.
  • Plan for outsourcing: Cost estimates also allow for contractors to plan ahead for any outsourcing that may need to be done for a particular job. By understanding the budget and scope of the project, contractors can actually save money in certain cases by properly leveraging outside resources.

How Close Are Estimates to Reality?

This question comprises a key area of focus for any contractor when it comes to cost estimates: How close are the estimates that you provide to reality? In most cases, there will be a certain degree of variance between the actual costs and the estimated ones.

However, if you take special care to accurately estimate your costs from the outset - while also keeping in mind potential variables such as weather, site conditions, unanticipated delays, and more - then you should be able to get fairly close. The key things to remember are that cost estimates should not just be a “guesstimate” of what you think the job will cost, but rather an informed and accurate assessment of the project’s parameters.

Timing of Cost Estimates

Another major consideration for cost estimation documents is timing. Some clients may require that an estimate be completed within a certain time frame, and you should always keep this in mind when preparing your document.

At the same time, it’s also important to make sure that the estimate is accurate - so if there are any potential issues that could affect costs or timelines, you should address them as soon as possible. This ensures that the estimate will be accurate while also allowing the client to plan accordingly.

Estimate Format

Finally, while we won't dig incredibly deeply into every single detail of cost estimation documents here, it's important to be aware of the various formats that estimates can take. These include simple line item-based estimates, more complex ones with several categories and subcategories, and even graphical representations.

Your choice of format should depend on the complexity of the project, as well as how much detail you want to provide to the client. Regardless of the format, however, it’s important to make sure that all relevant information is included and presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

For more on how cost estimates tend to work and why they're so important for industrial construction projects, or to learn about any of our construction or facility maintenance services for Nevada clients, speak to our team at Redi today.

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