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Winter Dumpster Care Needs and Tips

Winter Dumpster Care Needs and Tips

There are a number of components on a given industrial construction site that may require some basic care or protection during the winter season, and a great example here is any kind of dumpster utilized on the jobsite. Freezing temperatures, snow and ice can create some unique considerations when it comes to dumpsters, which are typically durable but do still require some basic care to keep them in full working order.

At Redi, we proudly offer a wide range of industrial construction services to clients around Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado, including roll-off dumpster rentals for any project that requires a larger waste receptacle. We'll assist you with every possible need here, from selecting the ideal dumpster type to the proper care for our dumpsters and more. Here are a few basic winter care concepts to keep in mind for any dumpster, some of which are relatively consistent year-round while others are more unique to the season.

Proper Dumpster Placement

One dumpster factor that's important no matter the time of year is proper placement. How the dumpster is placed can impact its stability, accessibility and the surrounding environment.

During winter, one major consideration is ensuring the dumpster can be easily accessed even in inclement weather conditions. This might mean placing it closer to a building or structure for protection from wind, or clearing a safe pathway if snow has accumulated. Proper placement also helps prevent any accidents or injuries that could occur due to slippery surfaces around the dumpster.

Preventing Freezing

Dumpsters typically get filled with moisture-heavy items like discarded food, which can freeze and create issues during the winter season. One simple way to prevent this is by placing a tarp over the top of the dumpster when not in use. This keeps snow and ice out of the interior and helps maintain a more consistent temperature.

Some dumpsters also include a drainage valve at the bottom, which should be opened during freezing temperatures to allow any melted ice or snow to drain out and prevent the dumpster from becoming too heavy.

De-Icing Surroundings

Down related lines, because workers on the site will regularly be accessing the dumpster even during winter, keeping an eye on slippery surfaces is important. This includes ensuring regular de-icing of any pathways or stairs leading up to the dumpster area, plus potentially adding salt or sand in certain areas that may be particularly hazardous.

In fact, this is often a key factor for preventing liability issues. If an injury occurs due to slippery surfaces or non-existent de-icing, it could lead to lawsuits and other major problems for the project. Allowing our team at Redi to assist with proper dumpster placement and ensuring proper precautions are taken will reduce these risks.

Plowing and Snow Removal

Another similar winter consideration is that there may be times where dumpsters become buried or difficult to access due to heavy snowfall. In these cases, it's important for construction managers and other site leaders to have a plan in place for plowing or removing the snow from around the dumpster.

One option here is simply shoveling out a safe pathway, but depending on the amount of snow and the size of the site, it may be more efficient to use a snow plow or other heavy equipment. Whatever the method, make sure to communicate with all workers on the site to ensure their safety during this process.

Hazard Prevention

In any winter season, one additional note on dumpsters: They can become a hazard very quickly if not properly maintained. This is especially true for roll-off dumpsters that are emptied by truck, as they may have hydraulic systems or other sensitive components that are susceptible to freezing.

To prevent accidents and keep everyone safe, make sure to regularly check the dumpster and surrounding areas for any potential hazards or damage. Proper maintenance and care will ensure that the dumpster remains in good working order throughout the winter season, minimizing downtime and potential hazards for workers.

Proper care for dumpsters during the winter season is crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient construction site. From proper placement to preventing freezing and ensuring regular de-icing, following these basic tips can help keep your dumpsters in top condition and prevent any potential issues. Remember to always communicate with your construction team and stay on top of maintenance to ensure a successful project.

At Redi, we understand the unique needs of industrial construction sites during the winter season and are dedicated to providing top-notch services to keep your projects on track. Contact us today for more information on our roll-off dumpster rentals, or for other industrial construction solutions like heavy haul trucking, hydrovac services and more.

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